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So, I was amongst the closed beta testers and had a lot of fun testing GF. But, things have changed since they implemented mixed battle. Now, you can't last more than 5 minutes in a tank before a bomber nukes you, and if you're in a heavy tank, well you're SOL son. Then, getting in a plane feels like a waste of time: you drop your bomb, go back to rearm, come back to drop another bomb, etc. War Thunder: New Power 17 November 2020 Join us More than 50,000,000 gamers TWITTER More than 100,000 followers FACEBOOK More than 640,000 members INSTAGRAM Join the community! YOUTUBE 970,000+ in the community Game About the game.

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Whats going on guys, my name is entak, and today I will be bringing you a quick videowalking you through setting up basic controls for War Thunder ground forces. Setting upyour controls couldn't be easier but there are a few things you need to be aware of thatmight help you along the way.Before you drive out and when you first start playing ground forces, you will want to makesure you set up your controls in order to operate the vehicles correctly and completely.To start, click the menu at the top of the interface window and select 'controls.' Thenselect Tank Control. Under tank control you will find the controls to operate your vehicles.Your tank throttle is what you use to move backward and forwards. In my case, W is accelerateand S is essentially my brake and reverse.Tank steering dictates your movement left and right. In my case, A moves left and Dmoves right.I keep these controls the same as what I use for my aircraft controls in mouse aim so asto not confuse myself. You are free to assign these controls however you wish. My controlsfor both aircraft and ground forces are set up in the way they are so as to keep all ofmy controls as close to my left hand as possible to allow for quick response time.Make sure to assign your tank fire keybinding to whatever you desire. In my case, I keepit the same as I do for my aircraft which is my left mouse button.Tank repair allows you to make use of the modification 'parts' and will allow you torepair your tank on the battlefield when prompted with the option to do so if your tank becomesdamaged to the point of needing to repair. In order to repair you need to research theparts modification for your tank under modifications. After that, to repair in battle, simply presswhatever key you assigned to repair.Tank lock target is not necessarily needed but able to be configured if you so desire.You tank can operate, aim, and fire by simply assigning tank throttle, tank steering, tankfire, and repair, and if you desire, lock target.For more manual controls, You do have the option to assign a keybinding for the clutchand gears up and down however these are not needed for the basic operation of your vehicleor basic control setup. Tank cruise control up and down might be useful to you if youfind yourself traveling long distances such as on the large map kursk and we will discusshow to setup manual controls using realistic controls in another video but for now I justwanted to cover basic controls to allow for you to hop into game quickly.But before you hop into a match there are still a few things left to do and some thingsyou should know.While in game, you can change to the optics view by hitting V or whatever you have toggleview set to and then zoom in using Z or whatever you have assigned to zoom camera. I believe

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these should be set up by default, but to double check or change to a different keybinding,go under view controls to check or assign a key to both zoom camera and toggle viewif you desire.War Thunder Ground ForcesIt is also important to set up your action keys. Action keys are what allow you to switchbetween various ammunition, use artillery on applicable tanks, and also use your fireprevention equipment which are used to put out fires in your tanks during battle. Just

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like with the parts modification which allows you to repair in battle, your fire preventionequipment or FPE as it is listed in the modifications list, are modifications that can be unlockedwhich allow for use in battle to put out fires.So as you can tell, setting up your action keys to be able to use your FPE and artilleryare very important. To assign your action keys, select miscellaneous and change yourone through seven action keys. Change action 1 to 1, 2 to 2, and so on. Like I said, theseaction keys allow for you to change ammunition in battle if applicable to your loadout andtank, use artillery if unlocked and applicable to the tank, and use your FPE. Action keys1 through 4 are used to change between different ammo types, action 5 is for artillery, andaction 7 is for your FPE. Artillery can only be used by specific tanks and you need toresearch and unlock the artillery support modification under modifications for thatspecific tank to be able to use it during combat. Once unlocked and installed, you willsee the artillery option in game. To activate artillery, just press 5 on your keyboard andthen click to select a location.With those settings being set up you should be good to go and ready for battle. If youhave any questions concerning your settings and keybindings, feel free to ask in the descriptionbelow. I hope you found this video helpful and have a great time in War Thunder GroundForces. Thanks for watching and if you liked this video or found it helpful, feel freeto click that thumbs up button. If you are new to my channel, feel free to subscribe

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Researchable vehiclesPremium vehicles
A13 Mk I
A13 Mk II
Stuart I
Stuart III
Tetrarch Mk I
Daimler Mk II
Light AA Mk I
A13 Mk I (3rd R.T.R.)
A13 Mk II 1939
Crusader II
Crusader III
Cromwell V
Cromwell I
Sherman II
Matilda III
Gun Carrier (3-in)
Churchill I
Valentine I
Valentine XI
Valentine IX

SARC MkVI (2pdr)
SARC MkVI (6pdr)

Crusader 'The Saint'
Cromwell V (RP-3)
Matilda Hedgehog
Grant I
Sherman Firefly
Comet I
Churchill III
Churchill VII


Crusader AA Mk II

Achilles (65 Rg.)
Sherman IC 'Trzyniec'
Comet I 'Iron Duke IV'
QF 3.7 Ram
Centurion Mk 1
Centurion Mk 3


Charioteer Mk VII
Crusader AA Mk I

Ratel 90
Eland 90 Mk.7

Black Prince
▄Strv 81 (RB 52)
Centurion Action X
V Rank
Centurion Mk 10

Vickers MBT

Ratel 20

Centurion Mk.5 AVRE
Centurion Mk.5/1
Chieftain Mk 3
Chieftain Mk 5
Chieftain Mk 10
Challenger Mk.2
Challenger Mk.3
Vickers Mk.7
Chieftain Marksman
Stormer HVM

Rooikat Mk.1D
Olifant Mk.1A
Rooikat MTTD
Olifant Mk.2
Sho't Kal Dalet
Rooikat 105
VII Rank
Challenger 2
Challenger 2 (2F)
ADATS (M113)


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