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It was also captured by the Germans and i believe they installed something similar, however i dont know more than that. Not much is known regarding anymore service this vehicle went through, most likely due to the war in Africa being lost. Armaments x1 20mm Breda Mod.39 (Ammo includes Granata mod.35, Perforante mod.35 and PzGr 40) Specifications. War Thunder: New Power 17 November 2020 Join us More than 50,000,000 gamers TWITTER More than 100,000 followers FACEBOOK More than 640,000 members INSTAGRAM Join the community! YOUTUBE 970,000+ in the community Game About the game. Get 3% off your War Thunder purchases using my link: Morgan is pretty much in a more functional state after months of work.Everyth.

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An American carrier-based fighter developed in the 50’s for the needs of the US Navy. It became one of the first supersonic aircraft in service with the Navy and actually did not stay in service for long - new, faster jets began to replace the Tiger very quickly.

The fighter remained in the ranks of the famous US Navy aerobatic team, the Blue Angels, for the greater time. In the game, the F-11F-1 Tiger will be an excellent continuation to the “feline” series of carrier-based aircraft - easy control even at low speeds, 4x20mm automatic cannons, as well as “Sidewinder” air-to-air missiles, rockets and bombs.

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