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In your search for the perfect ergonomic chair, one of the most important factors to consider is what type of armrest is right for you. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are only four common types of armrest adjustments. Height, width, depth, and pivot adjustments are all essential customizations to ensure you’re comfortable while you’re sitting on your chair.

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Office Star Drafting Chair is the best practical drafting chair. It is designed to meet most of the needs and a quite effective chair at that. Office Star Drafting Chair is also an armless drafting chair, but it has adjustable features for the footrest, the back, and the height. FlexFit, a collection by Union & Scale Task chair is a smart addition to any office space Features mesh back and seat; comes in black Lumbar support, seat height adjustment with tilt tension, and tilt lock offer customized comfort. Union & Scale FlexFit Dexley Mesh Task Chair Task chair is a smart addition to any office space Features mesh back and the seat comes in blue Features adjustable seat height, height- and angle-adjustable headrest, lumbar support, tilt tension and tilt lock.

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Union And Scale Essentials Chair

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In this video I unbox and setup a Dexley Flex Fit Office Chair. In this video I unbox and setup a Dexley Flex Fit Office Chair. In this video I unbox and setup a Dexley Flex Fit Office Chair. In this video I unbox and setup a Dexley Flex Fit Office Chair.

Watch the 4 Most Common Office Armrest Adjustments Video

1. Adjusting Your Armrest Height


Adjusting armrest height is one of the most well-known and basic adjustments for your chair. The goal behind this adjustment is to put your arms in the proper position to reduce the amount of stress in your neck and shoulders you acquire from sitting.

Each chair has a different way of adjusting the height of the armrests. One style used on the BTOD 100MC is a push button function located on the side of each armrest that allows for raising and lowering.

A ratchet function is another style of height adjustment that can be found on chairs like the Ergohuman ME7ERG. As you pull up on the arm pad, the armrest locks in different positions and falls as you reach the top position.

The Herman Miller Aeron uses a lever system to raise and lower your armrests. When the lever is loosened, it allows you to adjust your armrest to your desired height. To lock your armrest in place, simply tighten the lever.

Another type of height adjustment you may see is more common on heavy duty chairs such as the Concept Seating 3156HR. Because these chairs are made to hold a lot of weight, a bolt system is used to ensure everything stays intact.


2. Adjusting Your Armrest Width

Width adjustment comes in handy when you’re trying to customize your chair to fit your specific body type or help with different types of tasks that you perform at your desk.

The most common width modification is an arm pad adjustment. In a chair like the Steelcase Leap V2, you simply slide the arm pad left or right to expand or decrease the width of your armrests.

Another adjustment you can make to your armrest’s width happens underneath the seat pad. The BTOD 100MC uses a more cumbersome option, with accessible bolts under the base of the chair that you can loosen to adjust width. You will have to get out of your seat and flip the chair to gain access to the bolts.

Other chairs like the Eurotech 498SL use a knob located below each armrest that can be loosened to adjust the width and then tightened to lock in place. This can be done while you’re seated in the chair making it a simpler task than adjusting chairs with bolt adjustable width.

The Office Master Affirm Chair features duel armrest width adjustment options. You can slide the arm pads to your desired width and use a lever below the armrests to slide the arms in or out.

3. Adjusting The Depth Of Your Armrest

Depth adjustment is important for those who like to sit closer to their desk or recline in their chairs. You’ll find that most armrests with depth adjustment capabilities feature arm pads that can slide forward or back to your liking. Chairs like the BTOD Akir and the Ergohuman ME7ERG are equipped with these simple abilities.

This adjustment is also great for those who want to recline in their chair while maintaining good arm support. When you sit in a chair without depth adjustment capabilities, you’ll notice as you recline, the gap between the back of the chair and the armrests will widen, limiting arm support.

4. Armrest Pivot Adjustments

While pivot adjustment may not be the most crucial feature of a chair, it is still important for those who want good forearm support while typing at their keyboard. Most pivot adjustments originate from the arm pad with a wide range of motion, depending on the position of the depth and the model.

The Herman Miller Aeron arm pads pivot from the back two-thirds of the armrest have a solid range of movement from left to right that is dependent on the depth of the arm pad.

A more unique pivot function can be found on the Steelcase Leap v2. When choosing your arm pad position, you can pivot from both the front and back of the pad, providing a wider range of options for arm placement.

The most widely adjustable arm set that we’ve tested is on the Steelcase Gesture. With two different joints found on the armrest itself, the pivot capabilities are exaggerated allowing for complete armrest flexibility.

5. Bottom Line

Now that you understand the 4 most common armrest adjustments and how they function, you can decide what type is most important when selecting your next chair. Finding the right chair for you shouldn’t be a difficult task. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Additional Office Chair Resources

Most of the offices or other workplaces have a drafting chair for those sitting behind a desk. These people work sitting on chairs for long hours. If the chair isn’t comfortable enough, not only will it make working difficult but also give rise to many health problems in the long run. Therefore, it is essential that one must have the best drafting chair for such jobs.

The market has so much to offer. It is essential to know specific features to buy the best drafting chair or stool. Here, we will provide you with some of these features to help you choose the best product for yourself.

  • A drafting stool or chair must be very comfortable.
  • It should be ergonomic. The ergonomic drafting chairs are good for your health.
  • Adjusting their height should be easy.
  • The product ought to be made of excellent quality material.

Top 8 Best Drafting Chairs Reviews of 2021

#1 Modway Edge Drafting Chair In Black Vinyl

This chair can be used in some places. The drafting chair can be used at home, office, or studio. It is the most comfortable drafting chair for guitarists in particular. It is pleasing that allows you to practice sitting on the chair for hours. The comfort will let you exercise longer.

While practicing, you can flip the arms of the chair up. This allows you to have more room to place your instrument conveniently. When you are done practicing and wish to relax, you can pull down the arms of the chair and rest your arms on it. The position allows the muscle to relax after a long practice session.

This chair makes desk jobs easier. The extended height office chair allows you to work with ease. Most people find it hard to work on a desk because their height does not synchronize well with the counter in front of them. Since the height of this chair can be adjusted, it will allow you to work more conveniently.

This is an ergonomic chair for a standing desk. It supports the lower back and also keeps the back and thighs in the right posture, at the right angle. This reception desk chair eliminates the possibility of getting lower back ache which is very common in people who have desk jobs.

We considered it the best ergonomic drafting chair for such a quality.

#2 Modway Veer Drafting Stool-Chair

Desk jobs can be tough during the summers when sitting on chairs makes your back sweaty. But that does not happen with this chair since it has a breathable mesh on the back. This allows air to pass through to your skin and cools you down. It prevents the irritation and germ build up on your back due to sweating.

This chair has a tension control knob and a seat tilt. This allows you to sit in the chair comfortably since you will be able to adjust the seat. When you adjust the chair according to your comfort level, you will be more at ease in this staples drafting chair.

The best drafting stool has hooded dual-wheel casters. This is perfect for those people who work in carpeted offices. The wheel casters will allow you to move around freely even in a carpeted office to make work more comfortable for you.

It also has a foot ring. Your legs can get tired during office hours. A continuously changing position of the legs and feet can be very comfortable. To prevent that, this chair has a foot ring. When you are tired, you can only put your feet on this ring to get more comfortable.

#3 Flash Furniture Vibrant White and Chrome Drafting Stool

Union And Scale Office Chair

This is one of the best drafting stools for standing desk. It has many features that make it very comfortable for both working on a desk or merely a chair to relax on in your kitchen. This is the tallest drafting stool that can help you use it in many places, and can be used by many people.

The extra tall drafting stool makes it useful for various places and can have multiple users. The difference between the minimum and maximum height this chair can give is 8.5 inches. Due to this, it can be used by many tall and short-height people.

This chair can be used at work or at home. Since you have an excellent range to adjust the height, you can do so either at work where the desks are low or in your kitchen where the slabs stand at a height.

Along with the foot ring, this chair has plastic floor glides. This allows the stool to be moved from one place to another with ease. It will smoothly slide from place to place without giving you any difficulties.

This is also one of the cheapest drafting stools. It is made from optimum quality high-density polymer. This makes the chair reasonably affordable while not compromising on the quality of the chair. It has the same durability and comfort but at a lower price, which is friendly to your pocket.

#4 HON H5705.SB11.T Volt Task Stool

This stool features an ergonomic design. This design is best for people who suffer from backaches. Backaches are frequent for people doing desk jobs.

Desk jobs require you to sit on a chair for hours and results in lower backache. You can prevent that with this chair since it is specially designed to make the desk jobs comfortable.

The height of this ergonomic drafting stool can easily be adjusted. Being able to change the height means you can make yourself comfortable without worrying about the height of the desk in front of you.

People with shorter or taller heights than usual can suffer neck and backaches due to uncomfortable seat heights. It can be prevented by adjusting the height of this best drafting chair yourself.

#5 Office Factor Stool Clerk Teller Drafting Chair

This chair features a mesh back. This makes the chair breathable. Sitting on a chair for hours can be uncomfortable since your back starts sweating after a while.

This results in irritation and even rashes for people who have delicate skin. Prevent that by buying yourself this best chair for drafting table which allows your skin to breathe and remains cool.

Only the most excellent quality material has been utilized in manufacturing this product. It makes the chair long-lasting and increases comfort. Whether you are buying it for working at home or the office, it is guaranteed to give you extended-lasting convenience.

#6 Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool

This is one of the most comfortable drafting stools you will find in the market. It features an armrest. This enables you to conveniently place your arms at the right angle and work comfortably on your desk job.

The armrest can be adjusted in width to provide maximum comfort. It also has a foot ring. This foot ring will allow you to place your feet on it. This helps release strain on your knees and prevents the legs from getting sore.

The feeling of tiredness in the legs comes from hanging them for too long. To prevents that very efficiently, it is one of the best drafting chairs for the money.

#7 Harwick Evolve All Mesh Heavy Duty Drafting Chair

This drafting chair is heavy duty and perfect for use to people who have above average weights. This also means that the chair is incredibly durable and long-lasting. The chair can take up to 325 pounds with ease.

It is made to make you feel the utmost comfort during your working hours so that your entire focus remains on your job. It keeps your posture right which prevents you from any worries about a backache.

Such ergonomic drafting chairs promote better performance. Once you are comfortable and sitting in the perfect posture, your mind is more alert, and you can work and perform better.

#8 Lorell Adjustable Multi-Task Stool


This chair has adjustable back support. This makes it more convenient to use and comfortable. You can adjust the support to your liking so you can work more conveniently. Another great chair for the drafting table.

The foot ring of this chair is also adjustable. When you increase the height of the chair, you can also adjust the foot ring accordingly so that you can sit conveniently and keep your feet in a comfortable position.

This drafting chair made from high-quality material to make it comfortable and durable. So that you won’t have to go and buy a chair again and again. Just buy this one, and your worries will all be taken away.


Union And Scale Un59375

By going through this list, one can decide which one is the best drafting chair and stool to buy in 2021. It is the one that is most comfortable and durable. The chair should be long-lasting and ergonomic to provide you with the most convenience and comfort.

Union And Scale Desk Chair

It is recommended to buy only the best ergonomic drafting chair or stool since it helps improve performance and keeps your body healthy. It can help you feel better at your job and make things comfortable.

Union And Scale Office Furniture

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