Type 75 War Thunder

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Is there a sight mod for the Type 75 MRLS? The War Thunder sight doesn't have a range indicator but has someone made a sight mod for it somewhere? Last edited by Shovel Knight; Dec 23, 2018 @ 7:36pm. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Open Golden eagles. Open Premium account. Open Special offers. IJN Mikuma Pack. USS Helena Pack. The Type 75 fires M107, unless they are manufacturing a different fuze the height of burst it is intended for is 7m. IRL fuzes can malfunction, but so can pen-depth or point-det, or even piezoelectric fuzes, and they certainly don't consistently malfunction to explode at the closest approach to target. Level 1 Her0zify. Type 75 SPH is an upgrade to Ho-Ro that sits at 7.0. The pros are a decently mobile platform, 360 turret, many crew, much better shell velocity and autoloader. It is, however, a larger vehicle with no armor, hullbreak (full track one), and slightly less pen. The Type 75 was put into service in 1975 and built up serially to 1985 inclusive. The vehicle fired at its opponents using its 130 mm rockets located on 30 launching tubes inside a rotating pod (the horizontal guidance angle was 50 degrees). The Type 75 had a three-man crew and could reach a speed of 50 km/h.


Latest Updates


Update 05.05.2021 (

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Ju 87G-2— a bug has been fixed where the “Airbrake on/off” warning might be displayed.
  • Saab A32A— the ammo capacity for the Аkan М49 guns has been specified to 720 rounds (180 per gun) [report]....


Update 28.04.2021 (

A bug has been fixed where ground vehicles at long distances might be displayed below ground level for pilots.

  • A bug has been fixed that resulted in an incorrect splash trail being shown when an aircraft flies at water level.
  • A bug has been fixed where a ripped-off canopy might still sound operational when closing and continue to muffle sounds from outside.
  • A bug has been fixed where the distance for grass and tree visibility might be reduced after an air battle in ground arcade....


Server update 22.04.2021

In the “Encounter” missions, two AI controlled transport ships have been replaced with an Emden light cruiser and an Admiral Hipper heavy cruiser. The maximum mission time has also been changed from 35 to 25 minutes.


Update 21.04.2021 (

The armour analysis menu now has the option to remember the last examined projectile when switching to another vehicle.

  • A bug has been fixed which allowed a ground vehicle with broken tracks to continue moving on its own if allied tow cables are attached.
  • Type 96— a bug has been fixed which caused too lengthy machine gun repair time....


Server update 16.04.2021

The amount of the battle rewards required to complete the “Challenge of Numerius Granonius” has been reduced from 20 to 6.

Type 75 War Thunder

  • The position of the respawn and capture points in the mission [Battle] Berlin have been changed.
  • A bug where the assembly of the “Minotaur” tank wasn’t available in the “Future Technology” event, when there were only two vehicle orders in the inventory (No. 89-2211 and No. 90-2505) has been fixed.


Type 75 Sph War Thunder

Server update 15.04.2021

The direction of launch for theType 93has been corrected - immediately after launch the missile slides slightly. The mass of the missile has been adjusted to match the real one.

  • The possibility of creating custom sights for ground vehicles that have additional rocket weaponry has been returned:BM-8-24, BM-13N, RBT-5, Calliope, M26 T99, U-SH 405, Type 75 MLRS, 15 cm Pz.W.42.
Type 75 war thunder

Type 75 Mlrs War Thunder

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