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Teknion RBT Chair. Xrite Ci6x CAD Rendering. Xrite Ci6x Spectrophotometer. Global Vion Task Chair. Carrom Power Play Hockey. Xrite MA94 Spectrophotometer. Designed by Justus Kolberg, the Around™ task chair was conceived to achieve two different looks—upholstered or mesh back—framed by a sleek sculptural form.

by Tadeo D'Oria, Bernd Schneider and Jörg Hillebrand

Countless off-the-shelf office chairs, lounge chairs or car seats appeared in Star Trek productions. Here is a list of the models that we identified, among them many design classics.

See also a list of unidentified chairs and help us track their origin.

Product photoChair nameSeen inScreen capsComments
Argyle Chair
  • Ventax II
  • Tarquin's planet

TNG: 'Devil's Due'
ENT: 'Exile'
This chair was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1897 and is still produced today.

Artifort F300
  • Earth Spacedock lounge
  • Enterprise-D quarters

'Star Trek: The Search for Spock'
TNG: 'The Naked Now'
TNG: 'Too Short a Season'

This chair was designed by Pierre Paulin in 1967.

In Tasha's quarters in TNG: 'The Naked Now' we can see an Artifort F300 with a red standard cover. The seat covers of the chairs in guest quarters were probably custom-made, to blend into the pastel color palette of the set design.

Artifort F598 Groovy
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-D lounges

TNG: 'Haven'
Artifort Tulip Midi
  • Enterprise-D quarters

TNG: 'The Loss'

Burke 115
  • Original Enterprise bridge
  • Original Enterprise briefing room
  • Original Enterprise recreation room
  • Original Enterprise crew quarters
  • USS Tsiolkovsky
  • Atlec ship

TOS: 'This Side of Paradise'
TOS: 'Mudd's Women'
TNG: 'The Naked Now'
TNG: 'The Outrageous Okona'

The chair is based on a design by Eero Saarinen from the 1950s, the Tulip Chair.

The original Tulip Chair commonly comes with a round base, unlike the types that appeared in Star Trek. For the series, the chairs were heavily modified, with a new backrest added.

Burke 116
  • Enterprise crew quarters
  • Enterprise sickbay office
  • USS Tsiolkovsky

TOS: 'Is There in Truth No Beauty?'
TNG: 'The Naked Now'

This is another variation of the Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen.

It appears somewhat less frequently in Star Trek than the Burke 115. This model too was heavily modified, with a new backrest added.

Cado Cantilever 290
  • Earth Spacedock lounge

'Star Trek: The Search for Spock'
This chair was designed by Steen Ostergaard.
Cassina LC7
  • Starfleet Academy cadet's quarters

TNG: 'The First Duty'
Designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1927.
Chadwick modular sofa
  • Spock's quarters on the DIS-Enterprise

DIS: 'Brother'

Designed by Don Chadwick for Herman Miller.

Similar modular sofas can be seen in Counselor Troi's office on the Enterprise-D and in Voyager's ready room, but these two are of a different type.

Chromcraft Sculpta Unicorn
  • Deep Space K-7

TOS: 'The Trouble with Tribbles'
ClassiCon Bibendum
  • Worf's quarters

TNG: 'A Fistful of Datas'

This chair is named for the Michelin mascot (the Tyre Man) - an obvious choice.

It seems Worf is very fond of classic designer chairs. While he is sitting on the Bibendum, we can see the Stokke Globe Garden by Peter Opsvik in the background.

Corona Chair
  • Sikla Medical Facility on Malcor III
  • Stardust City Reproductive Health Services

TNG: 'First Contact'
PIC: 'Stardust City Rag'
Designed by Poul Volther in 1964.
Directional lounge chair
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-E quarters

TNG: 'The Battle'
TNG: 'Half a Life'
Designed by Vladimir Kagan in the 1970s and apparently not produced any longer.
Elda Lounge Chair
  • Romulan commander's room on D7

TOS: 'The Enterprise Incident'
The chair was designed by Joe Colombo in 1963.
Ergoform Workseat
  • USS Enterprise-A bridge
  • Enterprise-B bridge
  • USS Pasteur bridge
  • USS Prometheus bridge
  • USS Raven bridge
  • 'USS Dauntless' bridge
  • ECS Horizon bridge
  • Kumari ready room

'Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country'
'Star Trek Generations'
TNG: 'All Good Things'

A US patent from Ergoform for a similar chair design points to them being the manufacturers. A document kept in the Thunder Bay Museum explicitly mentions a 'Star Trek Chair (1989-1992)' by Ergoform Inc. This could mean the chair was designed specifically for Star Trek, or it is just an informal reference. The Thunder Bay Museum has one of the chairs in storage. There is also a brochure for the Ergoform Workchair, indicating that it may have been sold at some time.

The chair was decorated with a Starfleet emblem for 'Star Trek Generations'.

Faceted Form Chair
  • Deep Space K-7
  • ECS Horizon quarters
  • Defiant quarters (ENT: 'In a Mirror, Darkly')

TOS: 'The Trouble with Tribbles'
DS9: 'Trials and Tribble-ations'
ENT: 'Horizon'

Designed by Paul McCobb in 1959, and also known as 'Origami Chair'.

According to David Gerrold's The Making of the Trouble with Tribbles, the chairs were then brand new, and there were only two per dealership in LA, so the show borrowed them all. For the fight scene, the director asked 'What can I break?' and was told 'NOT THE CHAIRS!' Supposedly, one chair sailed (gently) through the air, but otherwise they were off limits.

The chairs on DS9: 'Trials and Tribble-ations' were actually casts made off a real chair because they were too difficult to find in the needed numbers. The subsequent two appearances on ENT were probably these replica chairs. Note that both the original chair of TOS and the reconstruction has a frame with crossed legs, which seems to be an unusual feature. We only found the variant with inverted U-shaped on the left and right.

Gakko Slide Chair
  • Discovery mess hall

DIS: 'Choose Your Pain'
Only two tables are equipped with these 'hero chairs'. The other type of chairs in the mess hall looks like it is less expensive.
HÅG Anova 2030
  • Enterprise-D observation lounge
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters
  • Starfleet Command ('Star Trek IV')
  • Shuttlecraft ('Star Trek V')
  • Jenolan bridge
  • Pasteur ready room
  • Prometheus captain's chair
  • Challenger ready room
  • Admiral Janeway's office

TNG: 'The Neutral Zone'
TNG: 'Chain of Command II'
VOY: 'Message in a Bottle'

This chair was designed by Peter Opsvik in 1978.

It appeared with different backrests in Trek, some of which might actually be different models of the same collection. The chair can be seen in 'Conspiracy' in Starfleet Headquarters, here with what looks like a custom-made headrest, probably to set it apart from the chairs on the Enterprise.

In TNG: 'Relics', the chair is missing the extra headrest but has a padded leather or patent leather cover, just like it was available in the stores.

HÅG Balans Activ
  • Regula I station

'Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan'
This kneeling chair was designed by Prof. Svein Gusrud in 1979. The chairs were originally produced with two different heights, both of which appear in the movie.
HÅG Capisco with saddle seat (1980)
  • Excelsior bridge
  • Voyager bridge
  • Enterprise-E engineering

'Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country'
VOY: 'Worst Case Scenario'
The chairs that appeared in the classic Trek episodes and movies are from an old, no longer sold variant, in which the back rest is much smaller than on the current version of the HÅG Capisco.

HÅG Capisco with saddle seat (modern)
  • USS Hiawatha (Discovery)

DIS: 'Brother'
The more recent version of HÅG Capisco can be seen in DIS: 'Brother'.

HÅG H3 340
  • NX-01 ready room

ENT: 'These Are The Voyages'
ENT: 'These Are The Voyages'
This chair can be seen with and without armrests.
HÅG Signét 7700
  • Voyager conference room
  • Runabout aft section
  • Ronara Prime
  • Zobral's planet

VOY: 'One Small Step'
TNG: 'Timescape'
ENT: 'Desert Crossing'
HÅG Signét 8400
  • Enterprise-E conference room
  • Voyager ready room
  • Vulcan High Command

'Star Trek: First Contact'
VOY: 'Parallax'
Harp Chair
  • Spock's quarters on the Enterprise-A

'Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country'
The harp chair was designed by Jorgen Hovelskov in Denmark in 1963.
Hill House Chair
  • Tarquin's planet

ENT: 'Exile'
Like the Argyle chair, this classic was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Hunsaker Big Boy
  • K't'inga-class bridge
  • Earth transporter station
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters

'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'
TNG: 'Haven'
These racing seats were painted two tone for their first appearance on the Klingon ship, and later modified with added padding for 'The Search for Spock', which is how they appeared a couple of times on TNG too.
Ikea Pajala
  • Sisko's Creole Kitchen

DS9: 'Homefront'
These patio chairs (and the matching tables) were sold by Ikea in the 1990s. They were not very popular but are available on auction platforms.
Interstuhl Silver 151S
  • Kelvin bridge

'Star Trek (2009)'
Interstuhl 151S normally has four legs, but appears with a flat base here, perhaps taken from model 810S.
Interstuhl Silver 810S
  • Kelvin bridge

'Star Trek (2009)'
A nearly identical chair, with four legs instead of the flat base, is sold as model 101S.
J&J Kohn Nr.728
  • Riker's quarters on the Enterprise-D

TNG: 'Liaisons'

This model was designed by Josef Hoffmann.

The chairs show up at the poker table as late in as in season 7 and were probably painted for their appearance in the series.

Knoll Toledo
  • Voyager crew quarters
  • Cosimo's in San Francisco
  • Alien repair station

VOY: 'Before and After'
VOY: 'Non Sequitur'
ENT: 'Dead Stop'
Designed in 1986 by Jorge Pensi and produced by Amat3 for Knoll.
Lion in Frost lucite bar stool
  • Ten Forward

TNG: 'Q Who'
Madison Chair by Arthur Umanoff
  • Captain Pike's quarters on the Enterprise

'The Cage'
This chair belongs to a similar line as the Dimension lounge chair below.
Madison Dimension 2400
  • Original Enterprise captain's chair

TOS: 'Wink of an Eye'

The chair was designed by Arthur Umanoff.

It was heavily modified and extended for the captain's chair, but the original armrests are still visible.

Magis Bombo bar stool
  • Krenim ship
  • Benthan ship
  • 'USS Dauntless'
  • Varro ship
  • USS Relativity
  • Vaadwaur homeworld
  • Lokirrim ship
  • Kantare ship

VOY: 'Hope and Fear'
ENT: 'Oasis'
Mushroom chair
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-E quarters

TNG: 'The Naked Now'
TNG: 'Ménage à Troi'

Designed by Pierre Paulin.

It seems a metallic ring was added as a new base for these chairs when they appeared on TNG, so they would be taller.

Omnific chair
  • Enterprise-D chief engineer's office
  • Enterprise-D lab
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • USS Sutherland bridge

TNG: 'Contagion'
TNG: 'The Emissary'
TNG: 'Redemption II'

Designed by Marta Tornero and Bruce Adams, the Omnific office chair was originally manufactured by Panel Concepts and then supported by Sitmatic for several years before being retired.

President Lounge Chair 265
  • Kirk's apartment

'Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan'
This chair was designed by Steen Ostergaard.
Procar Rally
  • Type-15 shuttle

TNG: 'The Ensigns of Command'
Recaro CSE
  • Runabout cockpit

DS9: 'Whispers'
For the Star Trek set, the chairs were modified with various add-ons, especially to the back.
Romantica chair
  • Sikla Medical Facility on Malcor III
  • Krenim weapon ship crew lounge

TNG: 'First Contact'
This chair was designed by Philippe Starck for Driade in 1987. It is made of aluminium with a riveted seat.
Soft Pad EA 219
  • Starfleet conference room

ENT: 'Demons'

The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1969.

Curiously, some of the chairs in ENT: 'Demons' have only four legs. The commercially available chair, if it has casters, usually comes with five legs.

Steve Leonard chair for Brayton
  • Data's quarters on the Enterprise-D
  • Voyager ready room

TNG: 'Silicon Avatar'
TNG: 'The Offspring'
VOY: 'Scientific Method'
We can see two different colors in Data's quarters: greenish and brownish.
Stokke Barstool
  • Tarellian ship
  • Alexander's room

TNG: 'Haven'
TNG: 'A Fistful of Datas'
Like the more famous Globe Garden (see below), this chair too was designed by Peter Opsvik and produced by Stokke around 1985. Curiously, we can find both variations both on the Tarellian ship and in Worf's quarters.
Stokke Ekstrem
  • Ocampa homeworld

VOY: 'Caretaker'
This eccentric (but purportedly comfortable) chair was designed by Terje Ekstrom in 1972 but not produced until the early 80s.
Stokke Globe Garden
  • Tarellian ship
  • Worf's quarters

TNG: 'Haven'
TNG: 'Family'
This very unconventional piece of furniture is often referred to as 'Opsvik chair', after its designer Peter Opsvik.
Tatlin Spiral Sofa
  • Kivas Fajo's collection room

TNG: 'The Most Toys'
This sofa was designed by Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini in 1989. It is based on the Tatlin tower by the eponymous Russian artist, a monument that was never actually erected.
Teknion RBT
  • Discovery bridge

DIS: 'Brother'
The frame with casters was replaced with a stationary base for its appearance on the Discovery set.
Teknion Sabrina
  • Cabot conference room

SHO: 'The Trouble with Edward'
Wise 8WD139LS-012
  • Enterprise-B bridge

'Star Trek Generations'
These were slightly modified for their appearance, with a Starfleet insignia added to the back.

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Some of the chairs were identified by David Van Brink, Derek Ellington, Gregor Wittrick, Jeff_the_Sloth, Maik, Makrum Pro, Lt. Washburn, Masaki Taniko, Olav Rokne and Donny Versiga. Special thanks to the curator of the Thunder Bay Museum for the research about the Ergoform chair! Several episode screen caps from TrekCore. Product images shown in accordance with Fair Use exemption.

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