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Another option is to buy Eve plex, which is some kind of subscription for game time. There are two types of subscriptions: plex that lasts for 30 days and Eve gtc that lasts for 60 days. Using this website for prolonging the subscription is much better for you since the price we offer are the lowest in the Internet and they are undoubtedly.

  1. Eve Market Prices
  • The Plex price has broken above 800m ISK yet volumes are on the decline. Worth considering that the supply of Plex is not related to the demand for Plex in the same way that minerals and ships hulls are related, for example. The demand for Plex is perhaps easier to think about.
  • This is different than Plex’s transcoding, where it converts your video on-the-fly to the ideal format. Instead, Plex’s optimization will convert your media ahead of time, so when it comes time to watch the media there is no strain on the CPU–the video is already optimized and ready to send out to the client.
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What is PLEX in Eve Online?

PLEX also known as 30 Days Concord Pilot License Extension is a combination of a time-code and a valuable and useful game item in Eve Online. A player can buy the PLEX from CCP and use it in several different ways:


- He can add 30 days to his game time

- He can sell the PLEX at a local market and this way – he’ll convert the PLEX into ISKs.

Prices1100 plex to isk

- He can use the PLEX for character transfer from one account to another

Unlike other time-cards PLEX is an in-game item and it means that you can buy it for ISKs and this way you can add the game time to your character without spending real money. It comes handy for those players who make a lot of ISKs in the game and they are able even to maintain their monthly subscription. This makes the PLEX quite unique as an in-game item among other MMO games where a skilled player can play the game for free, unlike other games where a player has to pay more to be able to level up.

Also you have to understand that like all in-game items in Eve Online PLEX depends on the current market price fluctuations and its price can change from time to time. That is important to keep in mind in case you are a trader and you’re selling PLEX. All in all PLEX is one of those things that makes Eve Online game experience unique and unforgettable adding a new game element to it’s complex and profound universe.

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Eve Market Prices