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In order to take advantage of the Plex Media Server HDMI output on a QNAP NAS, you are going to need a few things before we start. This whole installation should take you no more than about 15 minutes (as long as you already have the Plex Media Server NAS application installed from the QNAP App centre, otherwise, make it 45-60mins). Search for qnap plex. Get fast shipping and top-rated customer service.

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I usually try and avoid updates to the plex server because I run into issues. But this time I thought why not. I have a qnap ts 451 and have been using it as a plex server for a few years. Few days ago I added some movies and noticed that the server required an update, I also have been aware of a plex server update for awhile so decided to do both. I downloaded the 1.19 server from the plex website for server downloads and qnap, Installed new server, updated firmware, rebooted server. When I turned it back on I could no longer launch plex from the server. The url just spins and never connects. I tried a direct connection as suggested in other posts, I tried connecting to it from qnap itself. I also tried to connect from my desktop https://<IP_OF_QNAP>:32400/web both with the same results. I checked all my connections, port forwarding, and ability to transfer files, remote to the qnap, and discover it. All worked fine. I went into the apps section in qnap clicked partners noticed the plex server built in was an older version 1.6 repeated of Uninstalling and installing 1.6, rebooting. Same result spinning url when trying to launch. I wanted plex to work so I created a plex server on my windows machine, and linked the path through my network to the files stored on the qnap. It works for now. But I do not want this to be a permanent solution as I do not want my desktop on all the time, reason I got the qnap in first place. Is there something that I missed/ didn't try?