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Here is the code and steps in video you can refer the solution for your problem on how to connect phpwith mysql using Xampp Server. We use phpMyAdmin as a database administrative tool to sync with mysql and php which bridge connection between web client and server.

Go to C: xampp directory and rename the existing folder phpMyAdmin to phpMyAdmin1 (for safety backup). Move the phpMyAdmin folder (which was modified earlier from phpMyAdmin-4.2.12-english) to the C: xampp directory. Open the URL in your browser and enter inside using your login credentials. Ignore the warning messages. Alternative: to configure XAMPP to open Apache and phpMyAdmin on port 8080 by default You can configure XAMPP to open Apache and phpMyAdmin on port 8080 by default from XAMPP from the XAMPP userinterface itself as described in the video. Or you can also edit the settings in xampp-control.ini file as described below. To use phpMyAdmin, you’ll need to either install hosting software on your computer such as XAMPP, MAMP, LAMP, or WAMP. Or, you can get a web host that has it installed on it already. The “AMP” in those software packages stands for Apache (the web server), MySQL (the databases), and PHP. First of all start your XAMPP or WAMPP server. Then go to the link bar of your browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin and click enter.Then you find a page like this. Then click on the new button that is available on the sidebar of that page.

What is Xampp?

Xampp is an abbreviation for cross-platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl, and it allows you to build WordPress site offline, on a local webserver on your computer. Xampp is an open source software developed by Apache friends. The use of Xampp is to test the clients or your website before uploading it to the remote web server.

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To Connect php with mysql database you need to install XAMPP which is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl.

Phpmyadmin In Xampp

I had demonstrated this problem with a simple html registration form written in php having some 4 to 5 fields in it and connect with mySql phpMyAdmin database administrative tool using Xampp Server i.e localhost server.

Below is the Video & Code for step guide on how to connect html registration form and php mySql using xampp server and its setting to establish the phpMyAdmin database with localhost server.

HTML Registration Form(sample_register.html)

Details Entry Form

details entry form how to connect mysql with php using xampp


//These are the main settings to establish your connection with mysql database it could vary as per your system






Here are the steps of setting the connection and running the html registration form with phpMyAdmin mySql database using xampp server(localhost)

To Download latest Xampp Server click download xampp 7.4.6 / PHP 7.4.6/8.0.0

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When you install WordPress on Xampp server. You would get the maximum limit of 2MB to upload the database.

Localhost xampp phpmyadmin

To use the bigger database, you have to increase phpMyAdmin import file size limit in Xampp. You can increase it to 50MB, 100MB, and more.

It’s necessary because when you run an online website then the size of the database increases day by day. And if you want to use that online website on the local server then it’s important to have the bigger size support in the phpMyAdmin panel.

Let Me Show You How Can You Increase phpMyAdmin Import File Size Limit In Xampp.

There is nothing much to do. You just have to increase the import limit using the numbers. Let me show the recommended steps.

Step 1:- If you are a Windows user then open the drive in which you have installed the operating system. Most probably it’s the “C” drive.

Step 2:- Search for the Xampp folder and open it. You have to find a special file which controls the file import size.

Step 3:- Find the “php.ini” file in the Xampp folder and right-click on that file to edit. If you find the file with the same name then it’s great. But if don’t then the file with the name “PHP” would work. You have to check if it’s the same file by opening it.

Step 4:- In this file, you have to find the code.

If you have already increased the limit then it won’t be 2M. But generally, it is 2M when you install the Xampp server on your computer. Replace that code with the increased value.

Localhost Xampp Phpmyadmin


Step 5:- There is another code which is important to edit.

Just replace the code with after increasing the value from 8M to 100M.


If you want to move a bigger website with the bigger database in the size then you can increase the value to 512M for both of the codes.

Can You Now Increase phpMyAdmin Import File Size Limit In Xampp?

I have provided the solution. The only thing is to find the “php.ini” file in the Xampp folder. You can search the file and then edit it.

How To Setup Phpmyadmin In Xampp

If you are not sure about the file then open that file and you would find out the php.ini file. As I have mentioned above, you can increase phpMyAdmin import file size limit in Xampp according to the size of your database.

Open Phpmyadmin In Xampp

After that, you would be able to import the database even of the bigger sizes.