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  • Invited guests can join an online video conference from their computer using any modern web browser—no software to install. On mobile devices, they can join from the Google Meet app.
  • Jitsi Meet Plugin for Flutter. Supports Android, iOS, and Web platforms. 'Jitsi Meet is an open-source (Apache) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, secure and scalable video conferences.' Find more information about Jitsi Meet here. Table of Contents. Podfile; Info.plist.

Welcome to the developers guide for web! This guide will help you setup a development environment to start working on the Jitsi Meet codebase.

Meet Jitsi Web
hosts: {
domain: 'prosody',
muc: 'conference.prosody',// FIXME: use XEP-0030
focus: 'focus.prosody',
disableSimulcast: false,
resolution: 720,
externalConnectUrl: '//localhost/http-pre-bind',
// analyticsScriptUrl: '',
// analyticsScriptUrls: [
// '',
// '',
// ],
p2pStunServers: [
{urls: ''},
{urls: ''},
{urls: ''}
enableP2P: true,// flag to control P2P connections
// New P2P options
p2p: {
enabled: true,
preferH264: true,
disableH264: true,
useStunTurn: true,// use XEP-0215 to fetch STUN and TURN server for the P2P connection
stunServers: [
{urls: ''},
{urls: ''},
{urls: ''}
useStunTurn: false,// use XEP-0215 to fetch STUN and TURN server for the JVB connection
useIPv6: false,// ipv6 support. use at your own risk
useNicks: false,
bosh: '//localhost/http-bind',// FIXME: use xep-0156 for that
etherpad_base: '',
clientNode: '',// The name of client node advertised in XEP-0115 'c' stanza
//deprecated desktop sharing settings, included only because older version of jitsi-meet require them
desktopSharing: 'ext',// Desktop sharing method. Can be set to 'ext', 'webrtc' or false to disable.
chromeExtensionId: 'kglhbbefdnlheedjiejgomgmfplipfeb',// Id of desktop streamer Chrome extension
desktopSharingSources: ['screen','window'],
//new desktop sharing settings
desktopSharingChromeExtId: 'kglhbbefdnlheedjiejgomgmfplipfeb',// Id of desktop streamer Chrome extension
desktopSharingChromeDisabled: false,
desktopSharingChromeSources: ['screen','window','tab'],
desktopSharingChromeMinExtVersion: '',// Required version of Chrome extension
desktopSharingFirefoxExtId: ',
desktopSharingFirefoxDisabled: false,
desktopSharingFirefoxMaxVersionExtRequired: '0',
desktopSharingFirefoxExtensionURL: ',
useRoomAsSharedDocumentName: false,
disableRtx: false,// Enables RTX everywhere
enableRtpStats: false,// Enables RTP stats processing
enableStatsID: true,
openSctp: true,// Toggle to enable/disable SCTP channels
channelLastN: -1,// The default value of the channel attribute last-n.
minHDHeight: 540,
startBitrate: '800',
disableAudioLevels: false,
useRtcpMux: true,
useBundle: true,
disableSuspendVideo: true,
enableLipSync: false,
stereo: false,
forceJVB121Ratio: -1,
enableTalkWhileMuted: true,
// callStatsCustomScriptUrl: '',
// hiddenDomain: '',
// enableRecording: true,
// requireDisplayName: false,
// recordingType: 'jibri',
enableWelcomePage: true,
isBrand: false,
logStats: false,
// To enable sending statistics to you should provide Applicaiton ID and Secret.
callStatsID: '347489791',//Application ID for API
callStatsSecret: '169aw6v+hk9TbVuHN2SiDCgfkkU=',//Secret for API
dialInNumbersUrl: '',
dialInConfCodeUrl: '',
dialOutCodesUrl: '',
dialOutAuthUrl: '',
peopleSearchUrl: '',
inviteServiceUrl: '',
peopleSearchQueryTypes: ['user','conferenceRooms'],
startAudioMuted: 9,
startVideoMuted: 9,
enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: false,
// atlassianAnalyticsEventUrl: '',
// atlassianAnalyticsEvent: {
// product: 'lib-jitsi-meet',
// subproduct: 'hcv-meetjitsi',
// name: '',
// server: ''
// },
// deploymentInfo: {
// environment: 'hcv-meetjitsi',
// envType: 'prod',
// shard: 'hcv-meetjitsi-ap-se-1a-s4',
// region: 'ap-southeast-1',
// userRegion: 'ap-southeast-1',
// crossRegion: 'ap-southeast-1' 'ap-southeast-1' ? 0 : 1
// },
abTesting: {
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Creating the Google API client for Google Calendar and YouTube integration

  1. Log into a Google admin account.
  2. Go to Google cloud platform dashboard.
  3. In the Select a Project dropdown, click New Project.
  4. Give the project a name.
  5. Proceed to the Credentials settings of the new project.
  6. In the Credentials tab of the Credentials settings, click Create Credentials and select the type OAuth client ID.
  7. Proceed with creating a Web application and add the domains (origins) on which the application will be hosted. Local development environments (http://localhost:8000 for example) can be added here.
  8. While still in the Google cloud platform dashboard, click the Library settings for the calendar project.
  9. Search for the Google Calendar API (used for calendar accessing), click its result, and enable it.
  10. Do the same for YouTube Data API v3

Creating the Microsoft app for Microsoft Outlook integration

  1. Go to
  2. Proceed through the 'Add an app' flow. Once created, a page with several Graph Permissions fields should display.
  3. Under 'Platforms' add 'Web'
  4. Add a redirect URL for the Microsoft auth flow to visit once a user has confirmed authentication. Target domain if available is just '' (the deployment address) and the redirect URL is
  5. Add Microsoft Graph delegated permissions, if this option is available: Calendars.Read, Calendars.ReadWrite, Calendars.Read.Shared, Calendars.ReadWrite.Shared.
  6. Check Allow Implicit Flow (and Restrict token issuing to this app if available).
  7. Save the changes.

Creating the Dropbox app for Dropbox recording integration

Jitsi Meet Web Api


Jitsi Meet Web Github

  1. You need a Dropbox account (If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a free account here.)
  2. Create new App as described in Getting Started Guide in App Console section.
  3. Choose
    1. 'Dropbox API - For apps that need to access files in Dropbox.'
    2. 'App folder– Access to a single folder created specifically for your app.'
    3. Fill in the name of your app
  4. You need only, the newly created App key, goes in /etc/jitsi/meet/ in
  5. Add your Dropbox Redirect URIs in the Dropbox form
  6. Fill in Branding