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How can I do embed my shared album from Google Photos and make preview of images on my website? How can I do that simply, without having to copy pictures or complicated search to individual image links? Here I will introduce my solution, which you can also try.

Three steps how to do it.

When I wanted to present my photos public on the web, I found out that there was no easy way to do it, in fact, there was no reasonable way.

This led me to find a way to solve it. The result is the first version of the photo viewer. This is a compilation of Google Photos image public links and javascript component “Player” for convenient viewing.

Google Photos has had facial recognition technology for a few years now. With it, you can let Google scan your photo library to help identify and tag people who appear in your photos. Where to Store Your Photos Instead. If you just ditched Verizon Cloud, you’ll probably need a new cloud service to store all your pictures. Personally, I’m a big fan of Google Photos, which.

Once your photos are on your Amazon Drive you can take advantage of features like the Family Vault (to easily share uploaded photos with family members), or, like Google Photos, auto-tagging of People, Places, and Things (I apparently have 1.6k photos with “trees” in them). Both Amazon and Google offer prints, books, and hangings based on your photos and albums—but I have to hand the decisive win to Amazon in this category on sizes, styles, options—and for the.

You can embed yours shared photo album from Google Photos with the code that generates a preview of your entire album with the ability to view photos easily.

1) Get album public link for sharing

In Google Photos application, you must share selected album and get link of it. Choose album – click on menu icon or open album and click on share button and select “get link”. Link look like as Copy this link into clipboard.

UploadLink Google Photos To Amazon Photos

Google Photos Or Amazon Photo

2) Create code to embed album

All you need is a link from previous step. Insert to field and press “Create embed code“.

I created tool to basic manage of created code. You can setup dimmensions and some options about component. When you finish, copy result HTML code into clipboard. This code is a final stand alone HTML code – no proxy, no iframes. The only one external component is a “Player” decorator.

Important notice:

Extracted photos from shared link are not permanent. If you want to generate permanent public photos you can try to copy photos into Public album photo sharing. See more at If you have any question, contant me.

3) Paste code to your website

Complete code, paste to your site. That’s all.
If you need process some change, such as add new photos, you must create new code of album. I will try to solve this problem in some of the following versions.

Good to known

Result code contain all link to images of shared album. No files copying. The code decorate, by external Javascript component, after page is loaded and create Player with album. It’s easy and fast.

If you decide not to share the album, just stop sharing it in Google Photos and the photos will not be available anywhere else.


How Do I Transfer Amazon Photos To Google Photos

Javascript decorator script is now available on CDN.


If you want to embed single Google Photos image, you can use my another tool to do it. Perfect for blogs and single image view.

For WordPress users I have prepared a Worpdress Google photos plugin for easy to use in your posts using shortcodes.


Now is available to use Carousel widget to create slideshow with autoplay.

Since version 1.2.32, widgets support videos, see to how make video slideshow for website.