Kasauti Zindagi Serial

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Kasauti Zindagi Serial

Drama Serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 11th December 2018 video Watch Online. Star Plus Drama Serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 episode 58 Full Episode. HD Quality Video.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay: One of the shocking revelations would be done in Kasauti Zindagi Kay, as Anurag gets to know that Mr Bajaj is back and he didn’t in an aeroplane crash.The whole truth came. Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 gossip updates: In the forthcoming episode of KZK 2 serial, Komolika will have to pay a huge amount to save her position as boss after getting 51 percent of the share. So far in Kasauti Zindigi Ki 2 serial, Komolika took 51 percent shares from Prerna in exchange for saving the orphanage. Kasauti Zindagi Ki Cast; You are watching video of Drama Serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 21st November 2018 episode 44. Today Episode was broadcasted on Star Plus channel dated 21 November 2018. You can watch online today episode as well a yesterday episode in High Quality. Hassbi rabbi jalall lally. You can also watch videos of all episodes of.

Kasauti Zindagi Serial

Kasauti Zindagi Ki: Prerna relies on Komolika Nivedita’s next intrigue to secure Anurag. Famous TV show Kasauti Zindagi Ki is anticipating its stunning peak of Anurag and Prerna’s everlasting romantic tale. Anurag and Prerna have a warmed contention when Prerna faults Anurag for annihilating the shelter. The circumstance is currently going to uncover Komolika and Nivedita’s greatest trick which they are plotting against Anurag.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Latest Spoilers and Gossip Updates Online

Kasauti Zindagi Serial

Prerna hears Nivedita and Komolika making their next arrangement when she begins spying them. Prerna has begun to feel something dubious behind Anurag’s double-crossing that now this enormous truth gets her goosebumps.

Prerna to discover reality: What will occur next in Kasauti Zindagi Ki Full Episode is very captivating on the grounds that now Prerna is up to bring reality and shield Anurag from Komolika’s next connivance.

Kasauti Zindagi Serial

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Finally riddle lady enters to join Prerna and Sneha

The tale of Kasauti Zindagi Ki All Episodes is at last going to see the delightful gathering of Prerna with her girl Sneha. Anurag and Prerna’s unceasing romantic tale is gradually and consistently reaching a conclusion as the show is going behind closed doors.

What will occur next in Kasauti Zindagi Ki Today Episode is very intriguing and energizing simultaneously as Prerna is going to meet her tragically missing girl Prerna. Anurag and Prerna are near what all occurred before and how Komolika isolated them. Simultaneously, at long last, the riddle lady is going to make her entrance that will join Prerna to her little girl Sneha, The riddle lady is Samidha’s temporary mother to whom Komolika and Anurag handover Prerna’s little girl.

Prerna (Erica Fernandes) and Anurag (Parth Samthaan) to join together. Samidha’s mom sees Prerna embracing Samidha that she feels honored acknowledging how fate is joining them even after they got isolated. Samidha’s mom is here to uncover reality to Prerna where it will be fascinating to observe how perfectly Prerna will meet her little girl Sneha.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Prerna relies on Komolika Nivedita’s next trick to secure Anurag

Hotstar well known day by day cleanser Kasauti Zindagi Ki Serial is managing numerous difficulties in some time. When the show returned back after lockdown, things aren’t working out in a good way for the show. At first it didn’t get that appraisals which were normal, later the lead Parth Samthaan was recognized with COVID 19. Parth Samthaan later took choice to stop the show in view of his different undertakings and medical problems. Parth Samthaan was resolved to leave and Ekta Kapoor neglects to persuade him to remain back.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 to go off air affirmed: While now the news is affirmed that the show will go off air, the show will broadcast it’s last scene in first seven day stretch of October. The last scene will be broadcasted on third October and consequently it will say farewell to the crowds.

Ksasuti Zindagi Kay Season 2 Latest Update

The scene begins with Prerna believing that she needs to spare the halfway house using any and all means for Samidha. She met Samidha while she while in transit to be here. Samidha without thinking about the vehicles carelessly goes across the street and gets together with Prerna.

Prerna chides her for it when Samidha gives her the mata Rani chunri made hanky for wishing good karma to her. Prerna requests that her guarantee to not place her life in peril in any capacity whatsoever and Samidha concurs. Prerna feels that she will do anything for Samidha. Prerna goes to mind Komolika and discovers Komolika giving the papers to Nivedhita. N

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ivedhita cautions her that in the event that Anurag becomes more acquainted with about this, at that point he will be extremely furious at her. Komolika says that Anurag can’t do anything to her and regardless of whether he realizes she knows to oversee him. She is glad for getting the offers front Prerna. Prerna reviews Anurag asking whether she figures he would play with the guiltless kids’ life. She leaves from that point. Komolika gives the papers to Prerna and Prerna checks it. Komolika insults her for being an enthusiastic idiot.

Prerna says that there are numerous significant things on the planet over cash however she would not getting this. She signs the papers yet denies offering it to her before she gets the shelter papers to her. Komolika sends Nivedhita to get the shelter papers saying that she thinks well about her.

Komolika sends Mohini to bring tea for Prerna however she arranges dark espresso. Prerna and Komolika insult one another. Komolika says that she shouldn’t have embraced and kissed her significant other as a result of which she’s wagering her vengeance on her. Prerna clears with her that she doesn’t have any enthusiasm for her significant other nor will the circumstance rehashes.

Kasauti Zindagi Serial Hotstar


Nivedhita gives the shelter papers to Prerna and she checks it. Prerna compromises Komolika to destroy her on the off chance that she indeed inconveniences the halfway house youngsters. Komolika says that she’s as yet a similar who challenges large yet sits idle. She reviews her expression gladly about Anurag’s named sindoor is hers yet now both Anurag and his sindoor has a place with her.

Prerna says that she don’t need that any longer as well. Saying so she leaves. Anurag gets assemble from his office for conference and Anurag says he’s meeting the articles of clothing. He says that Nivedhita will go to the gathering. Anurag is going to leave his vehicle when another vehicle interferes with his way. He gets down just to become more acquainted with that its Bajaj’s vehicle.

The two of them contend over the stopping yet in a roundabout way meaning Prerna. Bajaj later comprehends that Anurag implied Prerna and not stopping. Prerna asks for what reason did Anurag spare her life if he’s not mindful of the arrangement. She chooses to clear it with him. Anurag reviews Prerna during his introduction.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 gossip updates:

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In the forthcoming episode of KZK 2 serial, Komolika will have to pay a huge amount to save her position as boss after getting 51 percent of the share.


So far in Kasauti Zindigi Ki 2 serial, Komolika took 51 percent shares from Prerna in exchange for saving the orphanage. Meanwhile, it is also revealed to Komolika that Samidha is Sneha.

Now as per the spoiler twist of Kasauti season 2, Bajaj will come to know about Komolika's ploy and will make a plan to beat her in her own game.

Kasauti Zindagi Serial Hindi

He will remind Komolika that she will have to pay a huge amount to save her position and the project as it is her responsibility to save the project according to the spoiler updates of Kasauti 2 serial.

Kasauti Zindagi Serial Video

Let's see what happens next in the future story of Kasautii Zindagi Ki 2 serial.