Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags For Duvets

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Vacuum Storage Bags - Pack of 8 (2 Jumbo + 2 Large + 2 Medium + 2 Small) Reusable with Free Hand Pump for Travel Packing. Best Sealer Bags for Clothes, Duvets, Bedding, Pillows, Blankets, Curtains. Get the best deals on Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bag Home Storage Bags when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many. Laundry Storage Bag Extra Large Jumbo Strong Zipped Under Bed Bedding Clothes. Original Magic Bag Jumbo Size Instant Space Storage Compact.

  1. Most vacuum storage bags come in sets of different sizes. Two of the most popular ones are Squeeze- Eezy set of 6 bags and the Spacesaver Jumbo (set of 2). The Space Saver bags measure 100x80cm and the Squeeze- Eezy ones are marginally smaller at 100x70cm (they are also cheaper). Fold the duvet and pack it into the bag.
  2. Shop for storage bags at Bed Bath & Beyond. Buy top selling products like Stasher Stand-Up Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bag in Clear and ORG Garment Storage Bag (Set of 2).

Pack away all your bedding with confidence using the Best Vacuum Storage Bags available from Neusu®

  • Best Size Bags: XL, Maxi & Jumbo Sizes for all duvets up to and including multiple king size duvets
  • Best For Bedding: For example, the Neusu® Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bag can fit 3 King Size duvets, or two double duvets plus 4 pillows, in a single bag!
  • Best Quality Bags: Thick 110 Microns plastic resists punctures - 80% thicker than competitor bags
  • Best Compression: Retain vacuum for months on end – store all your bedding or clothes safely away
  • Best Reviews: Thousands of satisfied customers – over 2,000 5-star customer reviews across Neusu store and products on Amazon.co.uk in the last year alone
This will take you to Amazon.co.uk where you can currently save £14 or 34% off the Jumbo size of our best quality compression bags, the Jumbo 110 Micron 5 Pack, which can store up to 3 duvets in each bag as shown below.

5-Star Customer Reviews

A tiny sample from hundreds upon hundreds of 5-Star reviews:

It's the first time I have bought Neusu, and I will definitely buy them again. They are so much thicker than other brands I have used.”

I've tried many brands of vacuum bag as I move around a lot, but these bags are by far the strongest and thickest. Excellent Product.”

These bags really do work. I've tried other vacuum bags and haven't been impressed.”

These are really good quality bags and when they say heavy duty they really mean it!

Bought to replace a much cheaper pack of bags and they are 100% better.”

Excellent quality. As well as this, I bought another vac pack by a different brand at a more expensive price and Neusu is by far the better of the two.”

Three Most Popular Sizes of the Best Quality Bags

Extra Large
MRP £28.99

100cm x 70cm x 5 Bags

Best Quality: 110 Microns


80% Thicker

Double Zip

Triple Valve

Suitable for King Size Duvets, Pillows & Bedding in one bag!
MRP £40.99

Biggest Size Available For Bedding

130cm x 100cm x 5 Bags


Jumbo Cube Vacuum Storage Bags

Best Quality: 110 Microns

80% Thicker

Double Zip

Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

Triple Valve

MRP £36.99

110cm x 80cm x 5 Bags

Best Quality: 110 Microns

80% Thicker

Double Zip

Triple Valve

Why Are Neusu® The Best Vacuum Storage Bags For Bedding?

What makes our vacuum compression bags better than anyone else's for your bedding?

In a word: everything. We simply refused to compromise on quality, so our vacuum storage bags are made from the best possible plastic, which is 110 Microns thick. This is much stronger than the 60 Microns used by other manufacturers. 80% stronger.

The strength of the bag in turn supports a stronger, higher quality double zip closure, which ensures that the seal of the bags is better.

The suction valve is a triple seal version, with silicone seals inside and outside the screw cap mechanism and with a rubber internal valve also.

Neusu’s stronger vacuum storage bags with their improved seals retain their vacuum longer, which is crucial for a vacuum bag that has to hold bedding for months on end. What's more, we have sizes for any sort of bedding, including our Jumbo bags which can store up to three double duvets in a single bag!

Buy the Best with confidence from Amazon

Neusu’s vacuum storage bags are available from Amazon.co.uk at a sale price of only £18.99 for a pack of 5 Extra Large Heavy Duty bags, versus the RRP for £28.99. That’s a saving of £10 per pack or 34% if you buy via Amazon rather than direct, getting you the best possible deal.

If you have any problems using the bags, Neusu’s own customer service are always there happy to help you solve your problems or should you prefer you can use Amazon’s trusted returns service for a full refund.


Don’t take our word for it though, read some of the hundreds of reviews from Amazon customers on Neusu’s page and products, and you'll see that our real customers agree that these really are the best vacuum storage bags available.

  • 6 Point Pro Tips for best performance

Get The Best Deal on Neusu Bags and buy from Amazon.

Jumbo Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

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