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Best upoming movies

Lets take a look at the best upcoming movies of year , with full review , official trailer and download links.

Serial Ghorbaghe

Serial Ghorbaghe

Serial ghorbaghe part 1

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What is the story of the Frog series?
Until a few days ago, not many details of the series were leaked. But after the release of the trailer of this movie, the atmosphere and to some extent the story of the series became clear.

Iranproud serial delIranproud serial ham gonah part 20

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Iranproud serial

From the trailer, it can be understood that the series has a completely dull atmosphere. The shootings and clashes that we saw at the beginning of the series teaser all indicate that the series is criminal.

Very few points are revealed in the trailer, but Navid Mohammadzadeh’s dialogue “You never asked him where this plant grows? It can be understood that criminal gangs and drug traffickers are also present in the story of the series.

Serial Giso (Asheghaneh 2)

Downlaod and watch online serial Giso

Serial Giso Part 1

Latest news of making Giso series (Asheghaneh 2)
After the first season of the series, in 1995 and 1996, was able to attract a large audience, Manouchehr Hadi (director of the series) soon thought of making a second part and a Asheghaneh sequel.

Manouchehr Hadi had made his decision to make the Giso series, and obstacles in the way caused the production of the Giso series to be postponed. But Hadi did not stay in his path and planned to make the series “Dell”.

Now that Dell is finished, we can hope that the pre-production stages of the Giso series will accelerate a bit.Not long ago, Mohammad Reza Golzar, the star of the first season of the Giso series, announced in an Instagram post the making of a new romantic season, which we call Giso.

Shortly afterwards, Manouchehr Hadi confirmed this news and gave very detailed information about the Giso series and specified that the pre-production stages of this series have begun.

Seriale irani agazadeh

Download film ha wa serial irani

Aghazadeh Part 24 Download And Watch Online

The story of film irani Aghazadeh
The series “Aghazadeh” (Aghazadeh) directed by “Behrang Tofighi”, written and produced by “Hamed Angha” is in the genre of social romantic drama, which has many similarities to Hamed Angha’s previous works such as “Ice Heart”.

The actors of “Aghazadeh” are Amin Tarakh, Amir Aghaei, Mehdi Soltani, Soraya Ghasemi, Laia Zanganeh, Sina Mehrad, Diba Zahedi, Mehdi Koushki, Samieh Lak, Masoud Foroutan, Kaveh Khodashenas, Saeed Dakh, Roozbeh Moeini and Amin Hayaei with the presence of Kambiz For a long time, Nikki Karimi was an artist, playing different roles from Jamshid Hashempour and Mohammad Hossein Latifi. This drama drama series will take place on challenging adventures and will deal with various social and economic issues along with a romantic narrative.

Serial name: Aghazadeh

Iranproud Serial Paytakht 6

Genre: Social

Farsi language

Audience: Adults

Broadcast: Up Media

Published: 31 August 1999

Director: Behrang Tofighi

Actors: Amir Aghaei, Niki Karimi, Amin Hayaei, Kambiz Dirbaz, Mehdi Soltani, Sina Mehrad and…

Serial irani moochin

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Moochin Part 14 Donwload And Watch Online

serial irani comedy moochin

Synopsis and introduction of the series and the names of the actors of the series Moochin film irani

Serial irani moochin is being produced and distributed for distribution and distribution in the home network and will soon enter the distribution of the home network.

This series is produced with the presence of famous artists and actors in the comedy genre, which started production a few days ago, and the first pictures of the actors of this series were unveiled.

Iranproud Serial Pedar

Film irani moochin, directed by Hossein Tabrizi and produced by Meysam Ahangari, is a new series that aired on the home theater network.

Serial name: moochin

Genre: Comedy, Family

Farsi language

Published: August 6, 1999

Audience: Adults

Broadcast: Up Media

Director: Hossein Tabrizi

Actors: Hamid Lolaei, Marjaneh Golchin, Mehran Rajabi, Ali Sadeghi

Iranproud Serial Shahrzad

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Iranproud Serial Nafas 12 Full Video

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