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Hefty clothes storage bags

Hibag Space Saver Bags, 20 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags (6 Medium, 5 Large, 5 Jumbo, 2 Small, 2 Roll Up Bags) with Hand Pump for Bedding, Comforter, Pillows, Towel, Blanket, Clothes 4.4 out of 5 stars 4,139 $36.99 AmazonBasics Vacuum Compression Storage Bags with Hand Pump - 6-Pack (2 Jumbo, 2 Large, 2 Medium). Hefty Shrink Pak 2 Xl Divided Vacuum Storage Bags HARD TO FIND. Magic bag Instant Space vacuum seal 2 jumbo Bag 35.45x47.25 and 1 Medium Storage. 2 Pack X-Large Space Saver Bags Vacuum Seal Storage Bag Organizer 31x39 inches. 6 JUMBO XL Space Saver Extra Large Vacuum Seal Storage Bag. Product Title Space Saver Saving Storage Bags Vacuum Seal Compress. Average rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars, based on 8 reviews 8 ratings Current Price $12.99 $ 12. 99 - $13.99 $ 13. The large space saving bags are great for blankets and towels, while the XL bags can be used to store pillows and comforters. Fit these plastic storage bags under your bed, inside closets, or in basement storage rooms. These 8 space saving bags are also dual-use, so you can securely store your items with or without a vacuum. Shop for spacesaver vacuum bags online at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more.

No one wants to admit that they might not live the most minimalist lifestyle. But even the best of us hoard without realizing it, and many tiny space solutions come with a hefty price tag or force you to spend endless hours organizing and re-organizing.

These space saver bags can help you hone all that excess baggage into something more manageable. If you are nomadic, live in a tiny home, or are in the process of moving, these are an equally effective hack for more comfortable traveling.

Along with protecting your belongings from dust, odors, and insects, airtight bags are a valuable hack to make the most out of minimal square footage. Many options are vacuum storage bags, which can help compress bulky items through sucking the air out, either with an included pump or your own vacuum sealer. Invest in the best space-saver bags so that you don’t have to throw out things that you’re still attached to.

Hefty space saver bags bed bath and beyond

1. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags


These bags by Spacesaver promise up to 80% more storage and come with their own hand pump, so you don’t need your own vacuum. Available in a pack of six jumbo-sized bag, double-zip seal technology prevents air from leaking out, while a waterproof and anti-bacterial material keeps stinky bacteria and moisture at bay. Along with impressive storage capacity, high-quality materials, and sturdy construction that doesn’t deflate, Spacesaver’s lifetime replacement policy makes these bags a no-brainer investment.

2. Z Zonama Vacuum Storage Bags


Hefty Space Saver Bags Replacement

These vacuum storage bags come in a 12-pack, with three different sizes to fit a range of items. Unlike the hand pumps that many bags come with, the Z Zonama bags have their own electric air pump, which deflates faster than comparable options on the market. We love that the bags have a transparent side, so you can easily see what’s in storage without needing to unpack everything. As a bonus, the stylish design of blue stars makes cleanup more fun for the kids, when you’re assigning chores.

Hefty Vacuum Storage Bags

3. Hibag Space Saver Bags


Sometimes, the clutter can spill from the kitchen to the living room, all the way into your bedroom. Consolidate it all with the durable Hibag storage system, which comes in a generous 20 pack. The larger bags can fit bulky blankets and pillows, while the smaller choices are perfect for towels and winter clothing like parkas. Lots of reviewers comment on the quality of these bags, which don’t tear or experience a broken seal, even after repetitive usage. The plastic used also carries less of an odor than other options, so stored items remain fresh when unpacked.

4. AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags



If you don’t want to break the bank but are in desperate need of some additional space, consider the AirBaker bags, which come in an eight-pack and deflate significantly less than other budget options. Sizes are very generous, with one reviewer mentioning that she easily fit four winter coats and five sweaters in the large size, with room to spare. Others mention a tough material and a closure that’s surprisingly heavy-duty for the low price, making this a useful buy for cross-country travel, road trips, and moves.

5. Ziploc Storage Bags


If you have items that you use and pack up daily, a vacuum seal option may be a bit of a headache to constantly unpack and repack. But for easy under-the-bed storage, look no further than the Ziploc flexible totes, which offer a more convenient form of storage, no pump needed. Although it’s just one jumbo tote, this is ideal who requires minimal storage with easy access or a convenient place to pack bedding. The fabric is thick enough for daily use, and the modular design lets you stack as many of these as you want.

6. The Chestnut Travel Storage Compression Bags


We’ve all experienced the dread of packing for a trip — even with the most meticulous techniques, there never seems to be enough space for everything you want to pack. These reusable compression bags don’t require a vacuum — simply zip the bag and roll it up, which remains airtight by pushing out all excess air through valves at the bottom of the compartments. These sacks can also be used at home, but are perfect for adding more space to your suitcase and organizing dirty clothes more efficiently.

7. TAILI Hanging Vacuum Space Saver Bags


Vacuum sealed bags are miraculous and all, but what about your precious gowns, suits, jackets and other expensive items that need to be stored upright? Enter the hanging vacuum space saver bags by TAILI. These bags come in two different sizes — one for shorter jackets and another for longer garments. They feature a unique, multi-hook design that allows up to five suits or jackets to be hung in one bag. Functional with any vacuum sealer, thee bags can protect your most precious stored items and keep them in mint condition for a long time.

8. WeVac Vacuum Sealer Bags


Not all storage saviors all for clothes. If you’re looking to lock in the freshness of your food or frequently only use half of an ingredient, these puncture-proof food savers are very useful. They triple the length of shelf life and can be used for meal prep, storage or sous vide. Additionally, the Wevac bags save a pretty penny in the long term when it comes to reducing waste and maximizing the ingredients in your fridge. Complimentary bone guards are included so that ribs or bones that you vacuum seal won’t pierce the bag.


Hefty Storage Bag Sizes

9. Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags


Hefty Vacuum Storage Bags Reviews

Hefty Space Saver Bags

Hefty Shrink Pak Bags

Wrestling a king size comforter into a vacuum storage bag isn’t the most practical choice for daily use, so take advantage of the space beneath your bed. While some beds come with built-in drawers, they’re often not deep enough for bedding. Instead, store your puffiest duvet in this stylish two-pack without fear that feathers will be compressed. Reviewers love the strong metal zippers on the comforter bags, which ensure nothing will bust open over time. Useful features include a clear window and handles, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and access it with ease.