Haworth Lively Chair

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Haworth lively chair
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Jun 8, 2012 - A new release at NeoCon! The back support of this budget-friendly chair is tensioned in four zones to provide lumbar support. Featured in the June issue of Metropolis. Explore Haworth’s seating portfolio with options for a variety of spaces ranging from collaborative workspaces to the at home private office. Lively (Comforto 29) is more than just a comfortable, well-built chair. It’s also a diamond in the rough. Lively seating was designed by Steve Nemeth and the Haworth Design Studio. 3 Lively Task and Side seating bring advanced features, smart ergonomics, and a light-scale aesthetic to the people responsible for getting work done.

Haworth Lively ChairHaworth

Haworth’s next generation seating line responds to user behaviour in an increasingly dynamic workplace – one that has encouraged a rise in non-traditional seating positions and at times, unhealthy postures. Dynaflex is the product of a team of international designers, engineers, and ergonomic experts who combined their knowledge of technological, physical, and biological principles to develop the “Dynaflex Effect”, a unique synchronised motion of the backrest and seat that offers continuous support through a patented weight-dependent system.

  • Features
    • Flexibility instead of torsional rigidity
    • Tested in association with Folkwang University of Arts, Germany
    • Options such as headrest, coat hanger and lumbar adjustment, height-adjustable lumbar support, asymmetric lumbar support and 4D armrests are also available
  • Options
    • Base: Plastic Black or Aluminium Polished, Black, Titanium, White or ChromeUpholstery Seat/Back
    • Mesh back and upholstered Seat or Seat and Back upholstered
    • European Colour Collection
  • Certificates and Awards
    • Certificate - GS safety
    • Certificate - Quality Office
    • Certificate - TUV Ergonomics
  • Manufacturing location
    • Germany

Product marketing

Fern vs Dynaflex - interactive quick guideDynaflex product sheet[NL] Dynaflex animated presentationDynaflex sales presentationDynaflex animated presentationDynaflex handbook

Sustainability & Certificates

Seating certificate - Level 3, FEMBDynaflex certificate - GS safetyDynaflex product environmental data sheetDynaflex certificate - Quality OfficeDynaflex certificate - ergonomics

Science-based Ergonomics
Science-based ergonomics, personalized comfort and design, durability at a sensible price, seat-depth adjustment, seat-height adjustment, tilt-tension adjustment, available in a wide array of colours.
Fit In / Stand Out
Lively is more than just a comfortable, well-built chair. It’s also a diamond in the rough. A thin profile, nine distinct colours, and countless fabric options mean you can pick a design that’s all your own. Fit in or stand out - Lively task and visitor will match your style.

Lively Task Chair

  • Certificates and Awards
    • Certificate - Fire Retardancy: Class 1 IM
    • Certificate - GreenGuard
    • Certificate - GreenGuard Gold
    • Certificate - GS safety
    • Certificate - Quality Office
    • Certificate - FEMB: Level 3
    • Award - red dot

Haworth Lively Task Chair

Product marketing

Lively - sales presentationLively product sheetLively handbookSeating Leadership - Work anywhere, Sit everywhere

Sustainability & Certificates

Haworth Lively Chair Review

Seating certificate - Level 3, FEMBLively task certificate - GS safety - 2960-75Lively red dot awardLively Task - certificate - NF environmental Lively task mesh environmental data sheetLively certificate - Quality OfficeLively (mesh) certificate - Fire Retardancy: Class 1 IMLively certificate - Fire Retardancy: Class 1 IMLively certificate - ergonomicsLively certificate - GreenGuardLively certificate - GreenGuard Gold

Haworth Very Chair Adjustments

Technical information

Lively user instructionsLively product description 2960-2975Lively user manual