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I installed Git XL directly, no upgrade from git-xtrail. I have tried again with a clean install of Git (, Git XL (0.4.0) and SourceTree (3.1.3). Again it works on the command line but not in SourceTree. I executed git xltrail install -local in a new repo. The.gitattributes file from the repo directory. I'm using Git-1.9.0-preview20140217 for Windows. As I know, this release should fix the issue with too long filenames. Surely I'm doing something wrong: I did git config core.longpaths true and git add. And then git commit. Everything went well. But when I now do a git status, I get a list of files with Filename too long, for.

This post will show you how to discard all local changes in your git repository. If you have got stuck with this problem, this post is for you.

To do this, let’s follow the following 2 steps:


1. Remove untracked directories in addition to untracked files

This git clean command will remove all new directories.

2. Reset all changes in your project files

Don’t forget to change <branch_name> to your working branch. For example, if you are working on the master branch, the command will look like this:



What Is Sourcetree

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