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I am running Sourcetree for Windows 3.4.3 (Enterprise).

I upgraded to the newest Git for Windows version, 2.31.0. With that upgrade, the 'Terminal' button does not work anymore for Git Bash, i.e. nothing happens if I select it. If I disable 'Use Git Bash as default terminal' in the options, it opens the Windows command prompt.

With the older Git for Windows 2.30.2, it worked.

What Is Sourcetree


Git Bash Sourcetree Ssh

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  • The most straight forward option is to utilize Git Bash. Once Git Bash is installed the same steps for Linux and Mac can be followed within the Git Bash shell. Windows Linux Subsystem Modern windows environments offer a windows linux subsystem. The windows linux subsystem offers a full linux shell within a traditional windows environment.
  • On the other hand, SourceTree is detailed as ' A free Git GUI client for Windows and macOS '. Use the full capability of Git and Mercurial in the SourceTree desktop app. Manage all your repositories, hosted or local, through SourceTree's simple interface. GitKraken and SourceTree can be categorized as 'Source Code Management Desktop Apps' tools.
  • First of all it seems that there still is not an as decent as SourceTree GUI for git exists in Linux. This makes one to appreciate the power and robustness of the actual shell interface. One option I wanted to mention is Eclipse's git sub menu. While not as powerful as some alternatives, after trying out several GUIs, including ones mentioned.

Sourcetree Bitbucket

You can only enter ssh-keygen into the Git Bash window. It won't work in the Command prompt. The command prompts you for a file to save the key in. If you don't connect your account during set up, you can add it from the Accounts tab by selecting Preferences from the Sourcetree. What is SourceTree? So far you probably used GIT only through a command line (Terminal or GIT Shell/Bash). SourceTree is a tool that helps you use GIT visually.