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The idea with g2g instas is that you won’t have to travel the 15-10km to the gate that you normally do, but instead you can have the autopilot auto-jump you when you exit warp. Some sets that are being sold contain may contain other forms of bookmarks as well, such as safe spots, station instas, station-to-gate instas and bookmarks to other. SKU: g2gcom Category: Video Games. CJS CD Keys Buy product. EVE Online Buy product. Elder Scrolls Online Buy product. Eternal Summer Sale Buy.


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Unless game account trading is officially sanctioned by the game account publishers and game developers, account trading is against the End User License Agreement (EULA) of most MMORPG titles, and therefore carries with it a certain risk. Additionally, buyers should be fully aware that sometimes game accounts do not have a 100% match up to the sale offer description, game account passwords may be entered incorrectly, and on rare occasions game account reclamation may occur.

The insurance provided by seller will ensure that you will always receive aftersale support within the coverage period. For purchases which have exceeded the insurance coverage period, G2G can only provide assistance on best effort basis.

With this in mind, G2G strongly recommends that you wait at least 12 hours before logging into your new game account in order to allow for an 'IP cool down'. This can be especially helpful if your location is a significant distance away from that of the original owner's place of residence. After the 12 hours has passed, immediately log into the account and verify that the game account matches the sale offer description and that you have full access to and control over your newly purchased account. This include changing the login information such as the password and account recovery details, before you confirm receive from your order page.

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If there is a problem, you are not advised to contact GM and should always seek direct assistance from the seller using our integrated chat system or contact us via [email protected]