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Your sitting posture has a significant effect on your health, so it pays to invest in a chair which will give correct support while being comfortable.

  • Best ergonomic office chairs promote a good posture and an open mesh chair is a great option for that. An open mesh is more breathable than padded upholstery so, if you want increased airflow and cooler sitting, choose open mesh seats.
  • The Flash Furniture Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair has many of the same benefits as other desk chairs on this list, including the cooling mesh back, the comfortable padded seat, and more.

The seat should match and support your entire body. Follow these steps to find the maximum health benefits from your office chair.

These steps will improve your posture and prevent lower back pain resulting in the perfect posture.

The Flow Ergonomic Medium Back operator Chair has an upholstered seat and a Mesh back that allows air to circulate and keep you cooler and more comfortable on those hot days. Enquiry General Information. Flex Flow Mobility These flex flow mobile stacker chairs work great as compact stackable chairs that fit in a corner. When you need an attractive and extremely affordable guest chair, our lava Chairs are ready to shine. This modern office chair even works well in your guest or reception area thanks to its no-maintenance, easy-care construction.

1. Adjust the chair height

The lever for this is usually on the right with up and down arrows. Set the chair height so that the underside of your elbows are at desk height. If you are using an adjustable standing desk, set the chair to the most comfortable height then adjust the desk to elbow height.

2. Ensure your feet are firmly on the floor

Sit well back into the seat & check your feet are firmly on the floor. The Appropriate foot support is essential for low back comfort and maintaining a good posture. If your feet aren’t firmly flat on the floor, a footrest will be needed to improve your posture.

A footrest will help in attaining the right foot elevation, leg and knee position.

3. Adjust the Chair angle

An ergonomic office chair allows the seat to be adjusted horizontally or slightly angled. Usually, the lever for this is on the right toward the back.

Sitting with the seat horizontal or sloping backward provides a comfortable, relaxing sitting position while maintaining good posture. It can nevertheless tilt you slightly away from your desk. Sitting on a slight angle in a forward position toward the desk relieves pressure under the thighs, provides a more open hip angle and improves the back posture.

4. Adjust the backrest angle

The lever for adjusting the backrest angle is usually on the right, showing backward and forwards arrows. When working in an ergonomic workstation a fairly upright sitting posture is best. When talking, at meetings or reading off the screen reclining the backrest is relaxing and provides a nice change for the back.

5. Adjust the backrest height

A comfortable computer chair has a well-shaped backrest cushioning. The most protruding part of this cushioning should fit into the low back – about waist level.

The Backrest height adjustments are all different. You may need to loosen a lever or knob at the base of the backrest. If there is no knob or lever you must have a ratchet style adjustment. These allow adjustments simply by pulling upwards one click at a time. Once the backrest reaches the top position it will drop to the bottom starting position again.

6. Adjust the armrest height

Armrests create poor posture if they stop an individual from sitting as close to the desk as they would like. If the armrests can adjust, position them so that they fit under the desk. This ensures nothing stops you from sitting close and working with arms relaxed.

Some chairs have more adjustability than the adjustments above and some have less.

If you have a chair with adjustable lumbar cushioning in the backrest the shape of the lumbar cushioning can be adjusted to be more or less pronounced. This allows a better match between the low back curve and the chair’s low back support preventing lower back pain.

If you have a chair with a ‘synchro’ mechanism, you can lock or unlock the backrest recline. Make sure you tighten the tension knob (sometimes underneath the seat), to prevent that feeling of the backrest giving way and falling backward.

Needing more support at your workstation? Struggling with poor posture?
Book in an Ergonomic Assessment today to improve your posture.

Whether the chair is for professional office space or gaming setup, choosing the best one can make a huge difference in your well-being and productivity. From your spine shape to back hip pressure, these best office chairs can prominently enhance the quality of life. The case gets worse when you have to work for eight hours on your chair. Maintaining better posture with premium comfort make things easier for you. Most people complain about hip & lower back pain when working on office chairs. Well, this is the basic difference between the best ergonomic chair for hip pain and an ordinary office chair.

It is quite a challenging job to select the best office chair for back pain. Thus, after spending days researching on countless chairs, we have chosen the top ergonomic office chairs available on the market. In this article, we’ll discuss our top 10 picks for best office chair 2021. If you’re interested in knowing them. Stay with us!


Top Pick of Best Office Chair for Hip Pain List

Smug Desk Ergonomic High Back9.5
Herman Miller Aeron9.6
Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable9.4
Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair8.8
Modway Articulate Ergonomic8.9
Furmax Office Leather Chair8.5
AmazonBasics Mid-Back Desk9.2
Steelcase Gesture Chair9.2
Office Star ProGrid9.6
HOMEFUN Ergonomic9.6

1. Smug Desk Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

A comfortable, ergonomic office chair designed specifically to fit the body type and posture. Made from high-quality breathable mesh, the executive office armchair offers optimum support and stability. It has a wide range of mobility. The armrests facilitate your natural seated position and help you align the spine along with the neck rest for ideal comfort. The chair also has additional comfort support with an integrated ergonomically designed headrest.

Featuring an integrated lumbar cushion for additional support and cushioning, the chair prevents work-related injuries and also decreases stress on your lumbar region. An additional clothes hanger helps you to hand your suit with the office chair.

2. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

Featuring the best combination of performance and design, the Herman Miller Aeron chair has an 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension seat with a backrest. The comfortable seat allows the body heat to pass through easily, thus helping to maintain an even skin temperature. The PostureFit SL backrest helps to support the spine and maintain the natural forward tilt of the pelvis.

Its adjustable individual pads offer lumbar support and stabilize the spine base for a powerful seated posture. Whether you want to lean forward or recline back, this best office chair 2021 has a wide range of motion to keep movements smooth and balanced. It is available in three different sizes A, B, and C to provide a perfect fit for you. A thick metal frame is used to support the seat and backrest.

3. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

The sleek design with multiple adjustable features makes it one of the best office chairs 2021 on the market. The breathable mesh back provides quality support by keeping the back cool and comfortable as the cold air circulates through it. It has adjustable lumbar support with a recline feature that helps to work comfortably for long sessions.

The pneumatic control lets your lower or raise the seat and sit straight up or tilt backrest the backrest. With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, it is suitable for heavy users. Manufactured from premium quality materials like soft cushion seat, headrests, sturdy arm, and rollerblade caster wheels that help to move comfortably across the office floor. If you are not satisfied with the chair, there is a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days.

Flow mesh office chair

4. Big and Tall Ergonomic Office Chair

This Big and tall office chair features soft PU leather upholstery with an extra thick sponge cushion for premium comfort. The executive chair has been manufactured from commercial-grade components. Offering comfortable thickness, it has an excellent breathable PU leather design that helps to maintain the natural airflow to keep your back cool and sweat-free.

The heavy-duty metal base, 360-degree swivel, and nylon smooth-rolling casters offer excellent stability and mobility.

This is a fully adjustable office chair for big and tall people that usually suffer from seat adjustment issues. It also features a padded backrest with a seat cushion to relieve back and leg pain and even improve your posture.

5. Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Featuring a breathable mesh back with plush vinyl seat serve, this is one of the most comfortable office chairs. Both back height and seat depth are easily adjustable to fit your size and height. The sturdy armrests of the Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office chair are height adjustable to help your vertical seat posturing.

The chair includes tilt tension and lock features to recline and incline comfortably according to your needs. Fitted with durable 5 hooded dual caster wheels, this chair offers the perfect ability to glide over carpeted floors. This executive office chair also features a generously padded 6-inch thick mesh seat cushion, passive lumbar support and is available in a variety of colors.

6. Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair

An extremely comfortable chair with a high back design, this Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair is an ideal pick for game lovers. Covered with premium quality PU leather, the chair has a bucket seat. This best gaming chair is specially made for the lower back. The chair features a thick cushion seat with soft armrests. Its extra-thick padding is excellent for comfort and relaxation.

The base of the chair is manufactured with premium materials. Featuring a 360-swivel degree base, the chair is available in blue and black bonded leather. It also features 5 swivel nylon wheels, a tilt lock, tension control, and adjustable height with a new modern style.

7. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Desk Office Chair

This modern profile with a sophisticated design is an excellent addition to your office. Simple pneumatic controls help to raise and lower the seat and rock back in the chair. This adjustable office chair promotes a comfortable seated position which is critical for long-time users. Just pull out the control handle to tilt back or sit forward and push its control handle in to prevent the chair from tilting.

The padded seat and the back of the chair both are covered with black mesh. The decently curved back provides the mesh-only sections for improved breathability. Its black, nylon, T-shaped armrests offer additional support and comfort.

This office chair swivels for multiple tasking convenience whereas the durable dual-wheel caster offers smooth-rolling mobility.

8. Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

This amazing chair is manufactured by Steelcase Manufacture Company. They have been making furniture for decades, and this is one of their most original works. The Gesture is based on ergonomics – and everything else comes second from there. This chair is manufactured using 100% polyester connect fiber.

Although it tilts just a few degrees forward, the seat is comfortable all the same. It is normal-sized with a slight forward tilt. It is almost unperceptible until you sit on it, but your hips will appreciate it. Besides, your hip joints will feel relieved of pressure on account of the forward tilt, which facilitates better blood circulation in your lower extremities.

You can adjust the armrests in almost any direction so that they never pinch your hips and you’re not restrained in any way. Having the option to adjust not just the height of the chair but also the angle of the armrest makes it a lot more comfortable as well.

Aside from the above, you also get a legendary 12-year warranty and an ergonomic design that works really well throughout the spine. The maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs. This chair is on par with some of the best office chairs for hip pain options on the market today!

9. Office Star ProGrid Office Chair


Although this office chair is very affordable compared to more expensive chairs, it provides a number of features that significantly more expensive chairs rarely offer – and it’s not just about the price because the “One Touch” controls allow you to adjust all the chair features to fit your body at once. This design is engineered to be one of the closest “one-size-fits-all” options on the market today and gives users the flexibility to adjust seat height, seat angle, lumbar support, recline angle, and other features with the push of a single button.

The adjustable controls make it easy for you to mold and conform your backrest to match your body shape. We found this chair to be similar to some of our favorites we’ve seen for the best office chairs for hip pain, with a slightly forward angle in the seat. You can lean forward and adjust the seat depth to a neutral position without adjusting the chair’s angle out-of-the-box.

When that is combined with a seat that is 21 inches in width (which allows your hips to rotate freely on either side) you’ll find that office work is a whole lot more comfortable when you have this chair underneath you.

10. HOMEFUN Ergonomic Office Chair

The HOMEFUN ergonomic chair is designed to eliminate pressure points, relieve stress, and enable you to sit comfortably for hours on end for a longer period of time. The backrest area of this chair is entirely unified, with an extra generous amount of lumbar support and padded headrest built right in. By making these design choices we eliminate fatigue and stress caused by being seated for an extended period of time.

A single reclining angle can be set simultaneously with seat height adjustment while the chair’s backrest reclines from 90° to 135°. This chair features a seat height of up to 20 inches above ground level, helping the user to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground while the rest of the chair pitches and reclines to continually promote healthy posture.

In terms of angle, this chair maintains a neutral angle the entire time. You’ll never have to worry about blood flow with this cushion since it’s completely open on the front – which means no circulation problems ever will happen.

An angle that is slightly forward tipped would have been better, but a neutral one is better than a front-to-back inclined angle due to neck and leg cramping and leg crossing (both of which are highly detrimental to hip health). You’ll have to try a few different chair compartments to see which one works best for you.

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How to choose the best office chair for hip pain

Adjustable Armrests

This is one of the most important features of an office chair that is not available in many chairs. Some chairs may have this feature, but it may not be adjustable. Adjusting armrests according to your needs, offer great support to your arms for writing.

Soft Front Seat Edge

The front seat edge is rounded off and properly padded. It helps to prevent back and hip pain, blood flow issues, and numbness on the underside of the thighs.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Various chair designs offer lumbar support for your lower back. An office chair with excellent lumbar support helps to maintain good posture and prevent the spine from arcing.

Breathable design

Nowadays, breathable design is a must-have feature for an office chair. Featuring ventilated seats and backrests prevents overheating by offering good airflow.

Adjustable Seat Position

Sliding your seat forward and back is one great addition to such chairs as the body of every person is different. Such options are best for adjusting the seat position according to your size and convenience.

Height Adjustment

Height adjustment can be very effective when more than one person uses the chair. Various chairs struggle to go high or low enough for some people.

Budget Really Matter

You don’t necessarily have to spend a small fortune to get great office chairs that protect your hips and back, but these chairs usually aren’t as cheap as a “big box” chair you can find for next to nothing. Don’t forget that spending your money on a chair is an investment in your health and wellness.

It’s important to budget wisely when purchasing a chair, but to also stretch that money so it’s worth it to own one for years and years to come. It’s an investment that doesn’t pay off immediately but will continue to pay off for years to come.

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A wise investment will not only keep you comfortable and relieve body pains but in addition, will also last for a very long time. Consider your needs first like office floor, space, weight capacity, and then make a decision. Don’t forget to check for the warranty policy because sometimes a minor fault makes the chair uncomfortable and you have no option but to return it. Take a look at your budget, consider your needs, check these best office chairs for hip pain and enjoy a comfortable office working environment without any pain.