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Ordering and delivery
Specify the possibility of delivery from the operator in on-line chat (operator´s working hours from 7:00 to 1:00 on Moscow time).
Pay for the order by placing an order for Plex in EVE Online. You can see the amount for payment by calculator and preliminary registration. Each method has its own commission
Mobile operators - from 10%
Bank cards - 5%.
The lowest commission for the Webmoney system.
In the order it is necessary to specify reliable information about the recipient in the game: the character´s nickname.
Delivery Plex to EVE Online is made in the following ways:
1. Activation - we activate the plex from your account on your character (give a gift, donatim to your account), you get the time of 30 days + removal of trial restrictions
2. Plex Contract - we create a contract for your character from the station Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
3. Plex Trade - transfer through the exchange window at Jita station 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
To receive an order, contact us https://irongamers.ru/sale/seller/100266, inform the operator about the order. You must be online to receive the order.
Delivery of the order is carried out from 5 minutes to 24 hours from the time of contacting the consultant and your willingness to receive an order, usually the delivery time takes no more than 15 minutes.
The product in 99.9% of cases is (if you are worried for the presence, you can always check the current stock in the operator´s chat, skype or ICQ, we will be happy to answer).

The PLEX generator and the ISK generator both are very easy to use. Just enter your EVE-Online login name and password. In the last line you enter the amount of PLEX or ISK you want to generate. The generator will generate the amount of PLEX or ISK and tranfer it directy into your EVE-Online account. Although the currency in EVE which is the ISK (Interstellar Kredits) is operated by the central bank, it only works as a means of exchange and not as a way of increasing your wealth. Bloodbath OF B-R5RB.

Eve Online 500 Plex To Isk

  • Testimonials.; Very fast service, nice people, and helpfull, everything went smoothly from start to finish, it`s best if you contact an operator before making a p.
  • An EVE account costs 500 PLEX for that time. At an exchange rate of 3.2M ISK per PLEX, that’s 1,580.1M ISK. Therefore, it’s possible to net 192.7% of the cost of that account with the skill points farmed by a single character. Deduct the cost of the account and profit would be 1,464.5M ISK = 2.0M ISK per hour = 92.7% of account cost.