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  2. Eve Online Rifter Vs Slasher

Rifter Nefantar Edition (not published)

  1. Rifter is strong by its falloff bonus. It shows off in Solo PvP fight in ability to Scram Kite. In a fleet PvP, Rifter is ok for newbie pilots as can be fit for quite solid tank. But its damage in optimal range is quite low and this causes low Rifter's popularity in fleets. For tackling in a Rifter, spiralling is key.
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Eve Online Rifter Fit

The Rifter is a very powerful combat frigate and can easily tackle the best Tech 2frigates out there. It has gone through many radical design phases since its inauguration during the Minmatar Rebellion. The Rifter has a wide variety of offensive and defensivecapabilities, making it an unpredictable and deadly adversary to anyone in anything below a cruiser. Rifters are extremely fast, enabling. Edited by: Kivena on 11:56:44 My corp has just been declared war on, and I need some help in (a) modifying my mission Rifter to give me the best chance of survival, and (b) creating a new Rifter fit so I can go opponent hunting.

The Rifter is a very powerful combat frigate and can easily tackle the best frigates out there. It has gone through many radical design phases since its inauguration during the Minmatar Rebellion. The Rifter has a wide variety of offensive capabilities, making it an unpredictable and deadly adversary.

uniformity *
Shield:450 0.75 %
Armor:450 0.75 %
Structure:350 1 %

* Threshold below which damage starts 'bleeding' through to the lower level

  • Powergrid output: 38 MW
  • CPU output: 125 Tf
  • Calibration: 400 points
  • Capacitor: 250 GJ
  • High slots: 4
  • Med slots: 3
  • Low slots: 3
  • Turret hardpoints: 3
  • Launcher hardpoints: 2
  • Rig slots (size): 3 (Small)
  • Max locked targets: 4
  • Max targeting range: 22500 M
  • Radar sensors: - points
  • Ladar sensors: 8 points
  • Magnetometric sensors: - points
  • Gravimetric sensors: - points
  • Signature radius: 35 M
  • Scan resolution: 660 Mm
  • Scan speed: 1500 S

Eve Online Rifter Vs Slasher

  • Mass: 1067000 kg
  • Volume: 27289 m3
  • Cargo capacity: 140 m3
  • Maximum velocity: 365
  • Warp speed: 5
  • Inertia modifier: 3.2
  • 3329 1
  • Armor Tanking
  • Core Spaceship Operation
  • Ladar Target Management
  • Navigation
  • Shield Reinforcement
  • Small Projectile Turret
  • Tackling
  • Capacitor Capacity250
  • Capacitor Recharge time125000
  • Rig Slots3
  • Drone Bandwidth0
  • Drone Capacity0
Eve online rifter vs slasher
  • Heat Attenuation0.63
  • Ship Warp Speed1
  • Power Load0
  • Item Damage0
  • Meta Level0
  • Rifter: 1
  • Industry: 1

Fuzzwork blueprint calculator

Importable Fit


The Rifter uses 3 200mm Autocannon I turrets.Autocannons are the “short-ranged” projectile system, dealing more damage with better trackingthan the longer-ranged artillery cannons. They also fire much more rapidly.

The autocannons are loaded with Fusion S ammunition.Fusion is one of the three short-range, high-damage ammunition types,and its Explosive damage is well-suited to defeating the Angel piratesmost commonly encountered in Minmatar space.Since you’re going to be fighting at close range anyway, more damage is good.You should keep about 2000 spare rounds in your cargohold.

Additionally, this fit uses a Gyrostabilizer I in a low slot.This passively increases the damage output and rate of fire of its autocannons.


This ship uses a Small Armor Repairer I in one of the low slots to repair incoming damage.

It also fits a Damage Control I to increase its resistance to damage.


The 1MN Afterburner I provides your ship with additional speed. This both makes it easier tocatch enemy ships and also makes your ship harder to hit.

The Stasis Webifier I helps your projectiles apply their damage better, because it’s easier to hitthe slower targets. (It also makes it easier to stay in range of the slower enemies.)

The Small Capacitor Booster I can provide your ship with an instant injection of Capacitor.This module must be fueled by charges, which act as consumable batteries. Load it withCap Booster 200 bought from the market, and bring along as many spares as you can carry (about 10).


Rigs are passive modifications to a ship, trading off one attribute against another.Unlike modules, rigs cannot be removed without being destroyed.As a starter fit, this fit makes limited use of rigging, since many “optimal” rigsare often relatively expensive and may be difficult to find near your starter station.

A Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I rig will give your projectile turrets additional damage output,though it also increases the Powergrid usage of your guns.

A Small Projectile Burst Aerator I rig will give your projectile turrets a quicker rate of fire,though it also increases the Powergrid usage of your guns.

How To Fly

This is designed as a brawling fit. Fly in close to your targetsand begin orbiting them at about 1000m, applying your web to slow them down.

Eve online rifter

This ship has a Capacitor Booster. As the charges for it are quite bulky,you can carry only a limited number. Try to save the Booster charges for emergencieswhen you need the extra capacitor to run your repair module continuously.Under normal circumstances, use your repper sparingly, off your ship’s base capacitor.Keep an eye on your capacitor, and try not to let it go below about 25%.

As always, if the incoming damage is proving too much for your shipand you’re beginning to take structure damage, warp out.

Future Improvements

The above fit should be usable with starting skills unless otherwise noted,and it uses relatively cheap and widely-available modules.

Eve Online Rifter

As you accumulate skill points and ISK, you will be able to fit more potentmodules to your ship, increasing its effectiveness. These modules may not bereadily available outside of trade hubs, but it can be worth the trip.

We recommend working towards the following improved fit:

The improved fit will require the training of the following skills to use all installed equipment:

  • Weapon Upgrades Level IV
  • Hull Upgrades Level IV

The improved fit uses a 5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive rather than an Afterburner.An MWD takes a large amount of capacitor to run,and causes a large increase to your ship’s signature radius,meaning that unlike the Afterburner, it is not useful for evading enemy fire.However, it provides a massively increased speed bonus.

You should activate the MWD only when moving to a new position or enemy,and disable it once you have arrived.

The improved fit replaces the weapon rigs with a Small Explosive Armor Reinforcer Ito bolster the armor’s weak explosive resistance, and two Small Auxiliary Nano Pump Ito improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the armor repairer.

Nearly every module has been improved to a “meta” version, requiring less fitting spaceand granting improved effectiveness, but costing more ISK and/or being less widely available,or a t2 version, which costs more ISK, requires more skillpoints, and is harder to fit:

  • Guns: 3x 200mm Light 'Scout' Autocannon I
  • Web: X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
  • Injector: Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
  • Damage Control: Damage Control II
  • Armor Repairer: Small Armor Repairer II
  • Damage Mod: Gyrostabilizer II