Eve Online Mission Ships

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  1. Eve Online Level 4 Mission Ships
  2. Eve Online Best Level 4 Mission Ships
  3. Eve Online Level 4 Mission Ships
  4. Eve Online Amarr Mission Ships

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  1. Mission's objectives and difficulty levels vary greatly in EVE, so specifying a right ship and its layout for Mission Running as a whole is pointless. Instead, we can provide you with a piece of basic advice: always chose and fit your ship specifically for a mission that you have chosen, especially for high-level ones.
  2. As far as the best mission ship goes, it depends on where you want to run. All the pirate Battleships and Marauders are very good at running missions, although some of them are limited to the appropriate space (Amarr for Paladin and Nightmare, Caldari/Gallente for the Kronos and Vindicator).
  3. 1 Starter 2 Shuttle 3 Tech I Frigates 4 Tech I Destroyers 5 Tech I Cruisers 6 Tech I Battlecruisers 7 Tech I Battleships 8 Tech I Industrials 9 Tech II Frigates 9.1 Assault Ships 9.2 Covert Ops 9.3 Electronic Attack Ship 9.4 Interceptors 10 Tech II Destroyers 10.1 Interdictor 11 Tech II Cruisers 11.1 Combat Recon 11.2 Force Recon 11.3 Heavy Assault 11.4 Heavy Interdictor 11.5 Logistics 12 Tech.
Find out what are the best ships in the EVE Online universe

In this article, we will try to present the best Ships in the EVE Online Universe. Whether you are new to the game, or if you are already an experienced pilot, you should understand one thing; there is no single 'the best' ship in EVE Online. All different types of ships have entirely different purposes, and even among the same class of ships, different ships may excel at different things, while being useless for other purposes. For this very reason, we have divided our list of the best Ships in multiple subcategories and determined what the best ships for different tasks are. Also, our personal preferences had a significant impact on the choice of ships. Then again, things that work for us and our corporation may be different for other players and corporations.

Eve online mission ships

Our list also includes current Market prices in EVE ISK for each ship listed. The rates may vary but will try to keep it as much up to date as possible.

Last update: May 22, 2018

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The Best Tech one ships

Tech one (T1) ships are the cheapest ships, making them also the easiest to replace. They are also the easiest to train for, and the majority of EVE Online players uses them. They are perfect for solo roaming the galaxy, learning PvP, and engaging in combat with less prepared foes. In comparison to Tech two ships, they are also much more well-rounded and may serve various purposes and allow multiple module options.

Eve online best level 4 mission shipsEve Online Mission Ships

Merlin - the best T1 Frigate

Ship: Merlin
Faction: Caldari State
Class: Standard Frigate, Merlin class
Price: 300,000 ISK
Summary: The Merlin is the most powerful combat Frigate. It's the most durable ship of that class and has the highest DPS out of all T1 Frigates. It's also the slowest Frigate, but that still does not interfere with it being a perfect fit for new pilots, low-level Missions. Regarding PvP combat, it's best to be piloted in a fleet, as faster ships in solo fights may dictate the rules.

Thrasher - the best T1 Destroyer

Name: Thrasher
Faction: Minmatar Republic
Class: Standard Destroyer, Thrasher class
Price: 1,000,000 ISK
Summary: Thrasher is the most flexible destroyer-class ship. It is one of the best ships to fly Level 1-3 Missions with a salvaging fit. It's most popular for ganking and suicide ganking, while it's rarely seen in fleet battles

Vexor - the best T1 Cruiser

Name: Vexor
Faction: Gallente Federation
Class: Standard Cruiser, Vexor class
Price: 8,000,000-10,000,000 ISK
Summary: it's a powerful combat ship. It has great durability, DPS and is great as a surveillance ship in hostile areas. It's not the easiest to train for, and also not recommended if you don't have Drones V trained yet. Without it, you will be losing a lot of your DPS, and this ship can truly brawl if equipped properly

Brutix - the best T1 Battlecruiser

Name: Brutix
Faction: Gallente Federation
Class: Standard Battlecruiser, Brutix class
Price: 40,000,000-45,000,000 ISK
Summary: Brutix is well-known for very high DPS. It is also popular in PvP battles, as it can be devastating for enemy ships if it can get in close range

Dominix - the best T1 Battleship

Name: Dominix
Faction: Gallente Federation
Class: Standard Battleships, Dominix class
Price: 150,000,000-160,000,000 ISK
Summary: low-price, high DPS, versatility, and ability to carry drones is what makes Dominix extremely popular pick for PvP fights

The Best Tech two ships

Eve Online Level 4 Mission Ships

Tech two (T2) ships, in terms of power, effectiveness and technological advancement, are far more superior to Tech one. They also require much more skills and training, which makes them less common among casual players. Tech two ships' specialization is much more diversified; each ship class has several different sub-types of ships which are designated to complete different tasks, and play different roles in both PvP and PvE.

Taranis - the best T2 Frigate

Ship: Taranis
Faction: Gallente Federation
Class: Interceptor, Atron Class
Price: 30,000,000 ISK
Summary: Taranis is a Tech two Frigate, with the primary role of an Interceptor. Interceptors are swift and versatile ships, which are hard to target to bigger caliber guns and play a key role in high-sec and low-sec battles. Taranis has the highest DPS out of all Interceptor ships and has a considerable amount of effective HP

Sabre - the best T2 Destroyer

Name: Sabre
Faction: Minmatar Republic
Class: Interdictor, Thrasher class
Price: 70,000,000 - 75,000,000 ISK
Summary: Interdictors are vessels designed to breach enemy warp tunnels, and restrict movement of the enemy fleet. They play a vital role in PvP combat. Sabre is also the most effective ship in PvP, which makes up for the highest number of ships destroyed in EVE Online

Curse - the best T2 Cruiser

Name: Curse
Faction: Amarr Empire
Class: Recon Ship, Arbitrator class
Price: 260,000,000-290,000,000 ISK
Summary: Curse is one of the strongest ships in EVE Online, and is undoubtedly the leader of capacitator warfare. They are also a great choice for solo PvP, though not many pilots out there will be interested in picking up a fight against Curse alone

Absolution - the best T2 Battlecruiser

Name: Absolution
Faction: Amarr Empire
Class: Command Ships, Harbinger class
Price: 370,000,000-410,000,000 ISK
Summary: Absolution is one of the most durable cub-capital ships in EVE Online. It was designed as a laser vessel, with terrific resistances, very high DPS, and amazing looks

Vargur - the best T2 Battleship

Name: Vargur
Faction: Minmatar Republic
Class: Marauder, Tempest class
Price: 1,450,000,000-1,650,000,000 ISK
Summary: all of the Marauders are exceptionally powerful. However, we believe that Vargur is the best of them. Marauders are specifically designed to run Missions effectively. They provide high DPS and are great at salvaging wrecks. They are the best fit for PvP, though taking one down is an extremely hard task

The Best Tech three, Faction, and capital ships

This section will include the best Tech three, Faction, Pirate, and capital ships. These are the most technologically advanced types of ships in EVE Online. They can play various roles in both PvE and PvP which makes it extremely hard to evaluate, but we tried to pick the best ships of each of the following categories based on popularity and general performance. If you are more advanced EVE Online player you will eventually find out which ships are the best for your needs, your Corporation or your current fleet's composition.

Jackdaw - the best T3 Destroyer

Ship: Jackdaw
Faction: Caldari State
Class: Tactical Destroyer, Jackdaw Class
Price: 40,000,000 - 45,000,000 ISK
Summary: Jackdaw is a very powerful and versatile combat vessel. While slower than other Tactical Destroyers, Jackdaw provides the highest utility in Electric Warfare thanks to 6 mid slots

Astero - the best Pirate Faction Ship

Ship: Astero
Faction: Sisters of EVE
Class: Pirate Faction Ship, Astero Class
Price: 50,000,000 - 55,000,000 ISK
Summary: Astero might not be the most powerful Pirate Frigate out there, but we have decided to give it the spot on our list. It's a ship that has the lowest training requirements for a ship that can have Covert Ops Cloak equipped. It also provides good exploration bonuses, has great PvP bonuses, making it one of the most popular vessels for exploring low-sec, null-sec and wormhole areas

Caldari Navy Hookbill - the best Faction Frigate

Ship: Caldari Navy Hookbill
Faction: Caldari State
Class: Faction Frigates, Hookbill Class
Price: 12,000,000 - 15,000,000 ISK
Summary: Caldari Navy Hookbill is an extremely versatile Faction Frigate. It has five mid slots which allow equipping a wide variety of tackle and shield modules

Scythe Fleet Issue - the best Faction Cruiser

Ship: Scythe Fleet Issue
Faction: Minmatar Empire
Class: Faction Cruiser, Scythe Class
Price: 70,000,000 - 80,000,000 ISK
Summary: Scythe is extremely fast and fun to play. Unlike other Faction Cruisers, it makes it much easier to pick up solo PvP fights. Scythe is not seen commonly in the EVE Universe because of its' rather high price

Brutix Navy Issue - the best Faction Battlecruiser

Ship: Brutix Navy Issue
Faction: Gallente Federation
Class: Faction Battlecruiser, Brutix Class
Price: 250,000,000 - 280,000,000 ISK
Summary: this is an upgraded version of the regular Brutix. It is a mighty drone vessel, which in comparison to the regular version, has higher Turret bonuses as the cost of Armor repair bonuses

Megathron Navy Issue - the best Faction Battleship

Ship: Megathron Navy Issue
Faction: Gallente Federation
Class: Faction Battleship, Megathron Class
Price: 500,000,000 - 550,000,000 ISK
Summary: Megathron Navy Issue is the best Faction Battleship. Faction Battleships are in general unpopular because of their price, but if you have to fly one, Megathron should be your first pick

Zealot - the best Heavy Assault Cruiser

Name: Zealot
Faction: Amarr Empire
Class: Heavy Assault Cruiser (HAC), Omen Class
Price: 260,000,000 - 290,000,000 ISK
Summary: Zealot is a great all-around HAC. It's a laser vessel known for quickly cutting through enemy lines and wrecking havoc in mid-range fights. While it has lower DPS and armor compared to Battleships, it compensates for it with much better speed and range

Apostle - the best Force Auxiliary

Name: Apostle
Faction: Amarr Empire
Class: Force Auxiliary, Apostle class
Price: 1,000,000,000 - 1,250,000,000 ISK
Summary: Apostle is the Amarrs Empire Force Auxiliary capital ship. It's the most popular FA ship among null-sec corporations that focus on an armor-based fleet. Apostle has unparalleled repair capabilities on the battlefield

Nidhoggur - the best Carrier

Name: Nidhoggur
Faction: Minmatar Republic
Class: Carrier, Nidhogurr class
Price: 1,000,000,000 - 1,300,000,000 ISK
Summary: Nidhoggur is the most popular Carrier among EVE community. It allows speedy clearing of Anomalies making a true ISK farming machine

Naglfar - the best Dreadnought

Name: Naglfar
Faction: Minmatar Republic
Class: Dreadnought, Naglfar class
Price: 1,500,000,000-1,700,000,000 ISK
Summary: supposedly the single best Dreadnought-class ship. Naglfar is extremely good for fleet use, PvE, Wormhole space exploration and much more - though because of high price it's not commonly seen exploring solo

Nyx - the best Supercarrier

Name: Nyx
Faction: Gallente Federation
Class: Supercarrier, Nyx class
Price: 18,000,000,000-26,000,000,000 ISK
Summary: Nyx is superior to any other Supercarrier in pretty much every way. With the exclusive DPS bonuses it provides, it's the most popular Supercarrier among all null/low-sec corporations out there. This ship is the one you want to see by your side on the battlefield

Ragnarok - the best Titan

Name: Ragnarok
Faction: Minmatar Republic
Class: Titan, Ragnarok class
Price: estimated 60,000,000,000 ISK
Summary: it's impossible to evaluate Titan class ships in any way. They all are very similar in terms of utility, and which Titan you are going to use should depend on the needs of your corporation/fleet, or your personal preference. We have picked Ragnarok for this list because if you are a person that is going to buy a Titan based on a random online article, you are most likely going to enjoy Ragnarok the most (and the longest)

The Best industrial ships

While there are not many Industrial ships out there, and with nearly no competition for specific ships, it may be impossible to determine the best Industrial ships. However, Industrial ships are what makes the EVE Online Universe go round, and we have decided to include them on our list. Their activity funds everything in the game, starting from your very first Frigate, up to multi-billion fleets that clash in exciting massive-scale battles.

Retriever - the best Mining Barge

Ship: Retriever
Faction: Outer Ring Excavations
Class: Mining Barge, Retriever Class
Price: 18,000,000 - 20,000,000 ISK
Summary: Retriever has the largest ore bay out of all Mining Barges. This makes it the best and most effective solo mining vessel. It also provides high defensive utility, which allows it to survive suicide ganks

Orca - the best Industrial Command Ship

Name: Orca
Faction: Outer Ring Excavations
Class: Industrial Command Ship, Orca class
Price: 700,000,000 - 800,000,000 ISK
Summary: while originally designed to conduct large-scale mining operations, Orca is also a very good freighter with big cargo hold. It's one of the most popular ships in big mining fleets

Rorqual - the best Industrial Ship

Name: Rorqual
Faction: Outer Ring Excavations
Class: Capital Industrial Ship, Rorqual class
Price: 1,500,000,000-2,200,000,000 ISK
Summary: Rorqual is the best, and the most expensive Industrial ship in EVE Online. Rorqual funds all the operations of the majority of the null-sec corporations. Above its' standard industrial purpose, it plays an important role in PvP. It has high Drone DPS and excellent tanking capabilities

Eve Online Best Level 4 Mission Ships

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Let us know what you think about this list. And if you don't agree with our choices for the best Ships in EVE Online, keep in mind that our list was based on our personal preferences, in-game experience, and each vessels' popularity among EVE Online community. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

Eve Online Level 4 Mission Ships

Eve Online Mission Ships

Eve Online Amarr Mission Ships

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