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Ratting in Combat Anomalies is by far the most popular ISK-making activity in the game. You can find them in almost any system by just opening the Probe Scanner window (ALT+P) and filter for anomalies.

You can warp to an anomaly directly without scanning it down first and there will never be an acceleration gate to enter it. Anomalies come in two flavours: combat and mining anomalies. For the rest of this guide only combat anomalies will be considered, since these are the ones used for ratting.

Apr 14, 2018 By far the most popular ratting ship in null security space is the Vexor Navy Issue aka VNI. This fine ship can run – properly fitted – all difficulty levels of combat anomalies. With good skills you can even run most sites semi-afk, only watching the screen every couple of minutes. The VNIs best weapon system for ratting are heavy drones. Check out my gear on Kit: this is a video I made quite a while ago but never got around to posting. I apologize if the vol.

All combat anomalies have a difficulty level, that is not visible in the probe scanner window. The only way to tell how difficult they are is by using third party info-sites, like Eve University’s combat anomaly overview:

Combat anomalies can be divide into 10 different classes, which again have different difficulty levels inside the class. The easier ones only appear in high security space, the harder ones in low and zero security space and the most difficult ones only in zero security space.

For ratting in null sec, you should best run Forsaken Hubs, Havens and Sanctuaries (Lv 8 to 10), because these spawn the most battleship rats with the highest bounties and are relatively easy to finish in an inexpensive ship.

Of these three, Forsaken Hubs pay out the best ISK/hour when run in a cruiser. However, Havens might unlock a high rated special mission, called an escalation, which offers you access to another even harder combat site in a different system. In these escalations the NPCs might drop very expensive deadspace loot and blueprint copies, which can be worth hundred millions of ISK. Forsaken Hubs also can result in an escalation. However the ones received by Hubs are a lot less valuable. Havens come in two variations: The Rock Haven and the Gas Haven. Rock Havens are much easier to finish, because the NPC waves are relatively small, while Gas Havens have big NPC groups that require much more attention and target selection to finish.

So, it is your choice if you rather want the steady income of Forsaken Hubs or the additional random escalation based income, running Havens.

Finally, sometimes you can find so called officer spawns in the last wave of ships of a combat anomaly. These special rats might drop pirate faction modules, which again can highly increase the payout of an anomaly.

By far the most popular ratting ship in null security space is the Vexor Navy Issue aka VNI. This fine ship can run – properly fitted – all difficulty levels of combat anomalies. With good skills you can even run most sites semi-afk, only watching the screen every couple of minutes.

The VNIs best weapon system for ratting are heavy drones. Because the highly rated combat anomalies consist mainly of battleships and battlecruisers, heavy drones apply their damage very well. Drones can also attack the enemy ships without the need to lock them manually or activate the weapon on the target, which means you can finish sites with minimal clicks and attention. Becaues the four different heavy drone types inflict four different damage types (Preator -> EM , Wasp -> kinetic, Ogre -> thermal, Berserker -> explosive), you can pick the drone that deals the correct damage type against the local pirate faction.

There are a lot of different fits people use to run combat anomalies. On of the most popular is the following “shield-buffer-high-speed”-fit, which costs about 100-120 mil ISK in JIta.

High Slots: We only use a single Drone Link Augmentor (T I or II) to increase drone control range.

Mid Slots: Two Large Shield Extender II for a shield buffer tank. A Drone Navigation Computer to increase the speed of our rather slow heavy drones. Finally, an oversized 100mn Afterburner. This is a module that is normally used by battleships. Fit to a cruiser sized hull it brings you to a speed of over 1000 m/s. The drawback of an oversized afterburner is a highly increased align time (25 seconds+) to get into warp.

Low Slots: lots of Drone Damage Amplifiers to increase damage. I like to use a Damage Control II to further increase my buffer tank and to give me some extra hull tank if I screw up and the NPCs break my shield tank. Finally, we fit a Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer to increase the tracking of our heavy drones. This will make it easier for our drones to hit smaller targets like NPC frigates, destroyers and cruisers.

Rig Slots: a mix of Medium Screen Reinforcers, which match the two damage types the NPCs mostly deal . In my case this will be Guristas which deal kinetic and thermal damage.

Eve Online - 2020 Null Sec Exploration Guide for New Players - ALPHA friendly

Drones: 5 Heavy Drones of the correct damage type. For Guristas these are Wasps, because they have a weakness against kinetic damage. Use the T2 version if you can. If not, use the faction version, in this case Caldary Navy Wasps. Additionally, bring a set of ECM dronesif you get tackled by something big and a set of Warrior II drones to fight small tackle ships.

Running sites in a VNI is as easy as it gets. First, you warp to the anomaly at 20-30 km range. When you land on grid, there will be an asteroid or another object close to the center of the site, which you start to orbit at 30km with your afterburner switched on. The VNI will then slowly get up to speed orbiting the object. Don’t orbit an enemy ships because you will stop orbiting when it is destroyed. Your orbit speed should be more than 1000 m/s, which is too fast for the battleships to hit you properly.

You launch your drones, which should be set to aggressive mode and to focus fire.

Finally you can drop a Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU), to collect the loot and bookmark the location of it to come back later when the MTU has finished scooping all the loot. This bookmark is also great to come back to your site, in case you need to warp off for some reason.

As soon as the NPC ships start to shoot you, your drones will engage a random NPC automatically. However, I recommend to kill the cruisers and battlecruisers first. After that, kill the frigates and finally the battleships. Since the battleships cannot hit you when at full speed orbiting your rock, you can let the drones just kill them in aggressive mode. Some anomalies, like for example Rock Havens, can almost be run completely afk without killing small ships first.

Eventually, the next wave will spawn – either by finishing off the previous wave or killing a certain trigger ships – and you start to kill cruisers and battlecruisers again. Repeat this, until all waves have been cleared and warp to the next anomaly. If you get into low shield, just warp off, regenerate your shield at a structure and get back into action using your MTU bookmark.


The most dangerous part of this process are enemy players. Whenever a hostile player enters your system while you run a site, you need to warp off to a safe spot or a friendly structure immediately. The VNI fit is not designed for PVP and the enemy player’s ship will be strongly focused on killing VNIs, so there is no point in fighting roaming players. If your alliance or corp has an intel channel, watch it closely for information about enemy players that are close to your system.

If an enemy player should manage to tackle you in a site, don’t panic. If you are in a fleet, report to the fleet that you need help and the system you are in. Maybe somebody is close enough or even in the same system to help you. Secondly, align out to a friendly structure, overheat you afterburner and spam the warp button. Maybe you enemy will lose point and you can just warp off. Finally, abandon your heavy dones and launch your spare set of ECM drones and send them after your enemy. If you are lucky, they will jam him and you can just warp of. Alternatively, if you are only tackled by a small ship, you could launch your Warrior II drones and try to simply kill it or at least make it warp off.

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With all this good advice I gave myself, I bought a VNI for 110 mil ISK in Jita and shipped it to the Pandemic Horde staging system system, by PH’s courier service. Ratting in the staging system itself is not a great idea, since local chat is very crowded with people and usually also contains some neutral players. So I moved two jumps out to a quieter system and started running sites.

In total, I spent about 5 hours ratting over a couple of nights and finished 5 combat anomalies (4 Havens, 1 Forsaken Hub and 1 Sanctum). In total, I got 169 mil in bounties + 65 mil ISK in loot, which comes to around 45 mil ISK/hour. Most of the loot came from a single Dread Guristas Stasis Webifier that dropped in one of the Havens. If you exclude this lucky drop from the total, I still made 36 mil ISK/hour. This value includes all travel time to get to the ratting systems, time I spent docked up when a neutral player entered the system and Pandemic Horde’s 10% ratting tax.

Horde’s ratting space is actually very busy and lots of neutral players roam the systems in search of easy targets, so I needed to warp off quite some times and sometimes even had to stay docked for a couple of minutes before the neutral player left the system. The only thing I lost however, was a single MTU that I left in a Haven.

In general, ratting in a VNI is mainly an afk activity. Just watch local for neutral players and manually kill battlecruisers and cruiser if a wave contains too many of them. It only happened once that I needed to warp off to regenerate shields. The number of NPCs in a wave is a little random and occasionally there are big waves, that contain a lot of ships and need manual target selection.

The loot from the wrecks is only 3-5 mil ISK for each site. So it might not be worth to risk an MTUs for that. However, if you get a random faction NPC spawn and don’t notice it, the MTU will collect your expensive loot automatically (which happened to me btw).

After my first experiences, I had the idea to multibox VNIs with three characters, which turned out to be not too hard. The two new VNIs cost another 230 mil in Jita and I started to run Havens with three ships in the same anomaly. This requires a lot more clicking, because now only the drones of the VNI that is attacked by the NPCs attack automatically. The other two sets of drones need to be controlled manually. Another problem with three ships is to warp them out fast enough when a neutral player enters system. It takes a while to go to all three screens, recall your drones, select a friendly citadel and then hit the warp button. I lost one VNI against a neutral tackle interceptor followed by a cloaky Loki that way.

However, with a little more than 3 hours spent ratting on 3 characters I made 280 mil ISK in bounties and 40 mil ISK in loot (9 Havens in total) . This comes to 105 mil ISK/hour, so the income scales very nicely with three characters compared to one without faction spawns and escalations. You can finish a Haven in about 15 min if you can do it without interruption.

Eve Null Sec Ratting

But on top of that I managed to get two “The Maze”-escalations which were quickly sold to Hord’s escalation running team for an amazing 445 million ISK in total.

Eve Null Sec Mining Fit

If you calculate this into the hourly rate, it goes up to 255 mil ISK / hour.

EVE Online - Relic Site Exploration In Null-sec

I want to finish my report with that staggering number. As you can see VNI ratting is a great way to make isk with little investment. Even as an experienced player with multiple accounts, there it still is a good amount of isk to be made relatively safely.