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After configuring the IDF development environment in the previous article

Install the ESP-IDF Framework for ESP32 on the Arduino IDE. Now that the ESP-IDF framework for ESP32 development boards is directly available from the board manager of the Arduino IDE, the installation procedure is the same whatever the operating system (Windows 10, macOS, Linux, Raspbian, Armbian ). Programming the ESP32 firmware is done through the NXP Kinetis part using USB CDC and is working fine. That way, the Wi-Fi module can be programmed easily from the host using the standard Espressif.

Use the 'Save' command in the config tool to store the configuration ready for Eclipse to build using it. Flashing the ESP32 from Eclipse Select your project in Project Explorer (make sure you select the project, not a directory in the project, or Eclipse may find the wrong Makefile.) Menu Project Build Targets Create. Espressif esp-idf & Eclipse IDE: Debugging with JTAG and OpenOCD November 28, 2020 Craig Peacock ESP32 0 Developing ESP32 code by iteratively downloading code to your target via esptool can become laborious for anything but the smallest of projects.

let’s see now how to use Eclipse as IDE for code development.Instructions are available at the link

Download the C/C++ Eclipse for Linux

Unpack the file and move it to /opt/