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The Eclipse IDE platform can be extended by adding different plug-ins. Notable examples include:

Eclipse Is An Ide Developed InEclipse Is An Ide Developed In
  • Acceleo, an open source code generator that uses EMF-based models to generate any textual language (Java, PHP, Python, etc.).
  • Actifsource, a modeling and code generation workbench.
  • Adobe ColdFusion Builder, the official Adobe IDE for ColdFusion.
  • Adobe Flash Builder (formerly Adobe Flex Builder), an Adobe IDE based on Eclipse for building Flex applications for the Flash Platform and mobile platforms.
  • ADT Eclipse plugin developed by Google for the Android SDK.
  • AnyLogic, a simulation modeling tool developed by The AnyLogic Company.
  • Appcelerator, a cross platform mobile development tool by Axway Appcelerator
  • Aptana, Web IDE based on Eclipse
  • Avaya Dialog Designer, a commercial IDE to build scripts for voice self-service applications.
  • Bioclipse, a visual platform for chemo- and bioinformatics.
  • BIRT Project, open source software project that provides reporting and business intelligence capabilities for rich client and web applications.
  • Bonita Open Solution relies on Eclipse for the modeling of processes, implementing a BPMN and a Web form editors.
  • Cantata IDE is a computer program for software testing at run time of C and C++ programs.
  • CityEngine procedural based city generator.
  • Code Composer Studio Texas Instruments' IDE for microcontroller development.
  • CodeWarrior Freescale's IDE for microcontrollers, since Version 10 (C/C++/Assembly compilers).
  • CompuwareOptimalJ, a model-drivendevelopment environment for Java
  • Coverity Static Analysis, which finds crash-causing defects and security vulnerabilities in code
  • DBeaver, universal database manager and SQL client
  • ECLAIR, a tool for automatic program analysis, verification, testing and transformation
  • EasyEclipse, bundled distributions of the Eclipse IDE
  • g-Eclipse, an integrated workbench framework to access the power of existing Grid infrastructures
  • GForge Advanced Server - Collaboration tool with multiframe view through Eclipse integration for multiple functions
  • Google Plugin for Eclipse, Development tools to design, build, optimize and deploy cloud applications to Google App Engine
  • GumTree, an integrated workbench for instrument control and data analysis
  • IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software, supporting design, development, analysis, testing, profiling and deployment of Java-based applications. It used to be named IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer.
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automated functional regression testing tool to test Web, Java, .NET, Siebel, SAP and Oracle applications.
  • IBM Rational Software Architect, supporting design with UML and development of applications. This product replaces some Rational Rose products family.
  • IBM Rational Software Modeler is a robust, scalable solution[buzzword] for requirements elaboration, design, and general modeling. It supports design with UML. This product replaces some Rational Rose products family.
  • IBM Rational Performance Tester is a performance testing tool used to identify the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks.
  • IBM Rational Method Composer, a software development process management and delivery platform
  • IBM Rational Publishing Engine, a document generation solution[buzzword]
  • IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory is a software tool to develop portlets.
  • IBM Lotus Expeditor a client-server platform that provides a framework to develop lightweight rich client applications for desktops and various mobile devices.
  • IBM Lotus Symphony a set of applications free of charge: a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and a presentation program, each based on
  • IBM Notes (since version 8), a client-server collaborative application platform, used for enterprise email and calendaring, as well as for collaborative business applications.
  • Intel FPGA (formerly Altera), Nios-II EDS, embedded C/C++ software development environment for Intel Nios-II and ARM processors in the HPS part of SoC FPGA's.
  • Kalypso (software), an Open Source software project, that can be used as a general modeling system. It is focused mainly on numerical simulations in water management such as generation of concepts for flood prevention and protection or risk management.
  • KNIME, an open source data analytics, reporting and integration platform.
  • Maveryx plug-in to Eclipse. It is an Open Source tool that provides testers with automated testing capabilities for functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing and. Archived from the original on 2009-04-01. Retrieved 2009-03-27.

Eclipse Ide Free Download


Mar 14, 2020 Eclipse IDE, developed and maintained by the Eclipse Foundation, was first released in 200. It has since been used for building hundreds of thousands of software applications. The Foundation has released several editions. The Enterprise Edition (EE) of Eclipse offers a range of high-end features. In the context of computing, Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing applications using the Java programming language and other programming languages such as C/C, Python, PERL, Ruby etc. MyEclipse, from Genuitec is a robust, full featured, full-stack IDE solution buzzword which also enables Angular Typescript development from within the Java-Eclipse platform using its Webclipse plug-in and Angular IDE solution. buzzword Nodeclipse is Eclipse-based IDE for Node.js development.

Eclipse Ide Download

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