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The Sourcetree team are proud to announce an Enterprise version of Sourcetree for Windows aimed at organizations who run managed environments to install, update, and manage app installations at scale. Admins now have insight into who is using Sourcetree in their organization, and greater control over where and when Sourcetree is installed and updated, with no impact to the end user’s Sourcetree experience they know and love.

Download atlassian sourcetree

Installation and managed updates at scale

Utilizing Sourcetree’s new MSI file, admins can now install Sourcetree across their organization’s Windows machines using computer management software. It is now possible to specify the directory it installs into and we’ve given greater control to admins in terms of managing updates to new versions of Sourcetree. And with the new ability to pre-configure Sourcetree settings for all users within their organization, admins can now get users up and running with Sourcetree in an easy manner and manage updates across all machines in one fell swoop.

Easier registration with Bitbucket Server and Data Center

Sourcetree For Git

For organizations that use Bitbucket Server or Data Center, it’s easier than ever for users to register Sourcetree and get started by utilizing their Bitbucket Server or Data Center login. Users now have another registration option in order to use the product, reducing the time it takes to get up and running with Sourcetree.

Download Sourcetree From Atlassian

Download Atlassian Sourcetree

Getting started

Download Atlassian Sourcetree

Simply head over to the Sourcetree for Windows Enterprise page and download the latest MSI to get started today. New releases of Sourcetree for Enterprise are announced via Atlassian Community. To be notified of new releases click on this link, select Watch and choose Articles from the dropdown. You will receive an email whenever we post a new update.