Behind Toilet Storage Cabinet

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Other than the kitchen, what’s the one place where storage is most coveted? The bathroom! In my experience, not matter the size, while you might have cute bath towels that don’t hurt the eyes when displayed, some might find it rather awkward to walk into a bathroom with toilet paper, or worse, feminine products, staring them in the face. But what are you to do when you have very limited storage space in which to hide all the “eyesore” toiletries? Well, I’m sure, if you continue to read, you will find at least one of these 17 bathroom storage ideas that will be the perfect solution to you problem. And while you’re here, check out our toilet cleaning tips, too. You might just find yourself looking for an excuse to hang out in your bathroom.

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Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for an Organized Bathroom

Behind Toilet Storage Cabinet

These DIY shelves are super simple to make. Cut some boards, stain them, and put them on simple white brackets. Lovely!

A stylish basket and simple shelf make this bathroom just a little bit cozier.

If you're looking to pack more toiletries into your bathroom, a bathroom organizer is a great solution. These organizers help keep your toiletry items neat and organized while also providing extra storage space. They help declutter your bedroom, bathroom, or even your kitchen.

This above the toilet cabinet is a gorgeous option! It adds a warm, rustic tough and plenty of storage room.

You’d never believe that this is in a mobile home! The toilet storage unit is narrow and complements the space well.

Shelves and deep baskets are pretty and practical. You can easily hide things like toilet paper and personal care products, but they’re still within easy reach. Great idea for a small bathroom.

Create Storage Space

Or turn baskets on their sides before hanging them.

If you can swing it, recessed shelving behind the toilet is a great idea. The toilet plumbing will have to be moved to the side if you plan to do this one, though.

Add a towel rack and baskets to make your bathroom look cozier.

Behind the toilet storage cabinet

Shelving doesn’t have to be used for storage only. Look how wonderfully this shelf adds to the aesthetics of the room!

Buy some crates or make your own to recreate this neat shelving idea.

Make some DIY floating shelves to go above the toilet for tissue and toiletries.

Over Toilet Storage Cabinet Lowes

Simple bins with labels keep toiletries, makeup and hair products in their place.

Bathroom Cabinets Over Toilet Storage

This wire cube is perfect for almost any bathroom space. It provides lots of open storage while still looking neat and tidy.

A simple ladder shelf looks amazing over the toilet! Use it to hang a towel or two and to add baskets for other things.

The Fintorp system from IKEA makes a great storage solution for just about anywhere in your home. Here’s how to set it up for above-the-toilet storage.

Turn a large frame into cubby storage. What a great idea for the kids’ bathroom!

An industrial basket makes lovely storage above the toilet. Use multiples if one won’t hold all your toiletries.

Over Toilet Storage Cabinet Gray

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Over The Toilet Shelves

Whether your bathroom is average size with limited storage space, or it’s extremely small room with no space at all, there is always some hope with a little time and inspiration. Did you find your storage solution here?