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Gaijin Entertainment announced the start of the Operation H.E.A.T. player event in War Thunder. From 2nd August to 26th August, players can complete in-game tasks in battle to get six new and exclusive vehicles: the BT-7 (F-32) light tank, Bf 110 C-6 heavy fighter, River class (K-246) frigate, AUBL/74 HVG armoured car, P-59A jet fighter and Yūdachi destroyer, as well as camouflages and decals. Below is a detailed list of available vehicles:

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  • BT-7 (F-32): In 1939, a single BT-7 light tank was equipped with the 76 mm F-32 tank cannon for testing purposes. The high speed of the BT-7 (F-32) allows players to outmaneuver their enemies, while the upgraded high-caliber cannon can take on most enemies in low-rank battles head on.
  • P-59A Airacomet: The P-59A is the very first American jet fighter but was never used in real combat. It was developed during World War II. In War Thunder, the Airacomet will finally be able to prove its worth on Rank IV, fighting alongside top piston-engined aircraft which are more or less equal in combat strength.
  • AUBL/74 HVG: This modification of the powerful FIAT AUBL/74 is equipped with a high-velocity 60mm cannon featuring a two-plane stabilizer. Its light armor makes it a nimble opponent, able to snipe accurately at enemies over long distances.
  • Bf 110C-6: The C-6 modification of Germany’s “Zerstörer” series of aircraft is part of a special program to outfit the Bf 110 fighter with a heavy cannon armament. Units outfitted with the C-6 were used during the Battle of France in anti-tank duty. In War Thunder, they can be deployed against both ground and large air targets.
  • River-class Frigate: The Royal Navy’s River-class rose to reputation by escorting convoys, fighting Axis submarines and supporting ground troops during the D-Day landings. With cannons ranging from 20mm to 102mm, it is effective against aircraft and small warships.
  • Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer Yūdachi: The Yuudachi was part of the famous “Tokyo Express”, which ran night-supply runs to the embattled Japanese forces on Guadalcanal and has five 127mm primary cannons and two four-barreled torpedo launchers.

The two R3s, the AUBL/74, the FIAT 6614, the SIDAM 25 and the M113 should all be amphibious, yet only the last one is. In the case of the R3 T106, you even mentioned in the devblog that it is amphibious and can travel up to 6 km/h in the water, yet no such mechanic exists in the game. Interested in purchasing something from the War Thunder Store? You can use this link and get a 3% discount on your next purchase: As we.

Aubl 74 War Thunder 2

Aubl 74 War ThunderAubl 74 War Thunder

To participate in Operation H.E.A.T. and to get access to the exclusive vehicles, players have to participate in regular Random Battles, where they earn distinct “Marks of Distinction” for tankers, pilots and captains. Once enough “Marks of Distinction” have been earned, players can unlock prizes such as decals, camouflages and the aforementioned vehicles. For example, tankers will receive a coupon for the BT-7 (F-32) with five “Marks of Distinction” , a special camouflage for the BT-7 (F-32) with six, the AUBL/74 HVG with ten, and so on. Players can use the vehicle coupons to unlock the vehicles for their own account, or sell them to other players on the Gaijin Market.

Fiat Aubl 74


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For a full list of prizes and more details on the event, click here.

Aubl 74 War Thunder Download

A look at the main prize for tankers in Operation H.E.A.T!

With the upcoming release of Operation H.E.A.T for War Thunder on the 2nd comes a new premium vehicle for Italy; The AUBL/74 HVG.

The AUBL/74 HVG is the same AUBL/74 in the Italian tech tree right now with two major changes: A two-plane stabilizer and a brand new 60mm high velocity gun firing APFSDS shells. It will be a tier 5 premium vehicle for the Italian ground forces tech tree. If you like the AUBL/74, this will be a straight upgrade for you, a great vehicle overall.

War Thunder Aubl 74

To unlock this vehicle you will have to participate in the Operation H.E.A.T event, acquiring 10 'Marks Of Distinction for Tankers' by completing 3 tasks for each. Acquiring 11 'Marks of Distinction' will award you with a special camouflage for the AUBL/74 HVG.

War Thunder Skins

Looking like a great boon for Italian tankers and those looking to get into the Italian tree, just make sure to keep your air conditioning on.

War Thunder Download For Pc

For more in depth information on the vehicle's implementation in War Thunder, check out the official devblog here.