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Until Atlassian updates their embedded version, you could install Git for Windows 2.14.0 and within SourceTree, click 'Use System Git' in Options. Kris's solution also works if you only want to update Git Credential Manager for Windows specifically, though does require config changes. Atlassian Sourcetree: Git and Mercurial Desktop Client Sourcetree is powerful Git Desktop client freely available from Atlassian for both Windows and Mac. Using Sourcetree allows you to simplify your interactions with your code including visualizations, improving the way you manage your repositories.

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Atlassian Git Sourcetree Tutorial

Atlassian + Codefresh. Codefresh is a modern DevOps Automation Platform with comprehensive CI/CD pipelines and GitOps Dashboards that integrates with your existing tools and platforms to provide a full deployment solution for both containers and traditional applications. These tutorials provide an introduction to the Git version control system. After showing basic commands using the command line interface, they illustrate how Atlassian Bitbucket and SourceTree can make your work easier. Anyone who wishes to learn Git for version control. Overview of Git (8 min) Getting Started with Git (10 min). Feb 14, 2015 Hi I have and am using sourcetree for windows7 I just loaded roots theme for WP and used 'npm install' but it fails saying git is not installed. Do I need to install GIT seperately as well as sourcetree?? If not, where is the path to git?

The maintainers of the Git and Mercurial open source projects have identified a vulnerability in the Git and Mercurial clients for Macintosh and Windows operating systems that could allow critical files to be overwritten with unwanted files, including executables.

SourceTree users should update their Git client with one of the published Git maintenance releases (, 1.9.5, 2.0.5, 2.1.4 and 2.2.1) or Mercurial client with the latest release.



SourceTree for Mac 2.0.4 and SourceTree for Windows 1.6.12 have both been released to address this security vulnerability.

Atlassian Git Ui

The Mac version includes embedded versions of Git and Mercurial which address the security vulnerability. If you are using system Git or Mercurial please ensure you update your local copies, alternatively you can switch to using embedded versions which are the latest releases of both Git and Mercurial.

EDIT (Mac): Because previously we only supported embedded version 2.2.2 this is a big leap forward for embedded Mercurial. As a result, having hgsubversion enabled will cause errors. To fix this go into your SourceTree preferences by either hitting ⌘, on the keyboard or via the “SourceTree” menu in your toolbar, then browsing to the Mercurial tab. At the bottom of this tab is the “Extensions” section. Ensure “hgsubversion” is unchecked and everything should work again as it should. We will be bringing back support for this extension in a future version of SourceTree.


Atlassian Git Sourcetree

The Windows version now defaults to download an updated version of Git and Mercurial. To update your embedded version go to the Git and/or Mercurial tabs in Tools > Options and click on “Update Embedded Git” or “Update Embedded Mercurial” respectively.