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Comprehensive Partition Manager


Hunting for an easy-to-use software to fix hard disk partition problems for Windows OS? AOMEI PartitionAssistant Standard is the right one for your PC, guaranteeing you get a full suite of features forcreating,resizing, deleting, merging, and splitting partitions, and so much more.Show all features on one page

Resize/Move Partition

Let you adjust the size of partition freely without data loss.

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Merge Partitions

You can merge two partitions into a larger one to extend space.

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Clone Disk

Clone a disk to quickly make a duplicate to another for disk upgrading.

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Migrate OS to SSD

Migrate system drive between MBR and MBR Drives (SSD/HDD supported).

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Delete Partition

Delete a partition if we don' t need it anymore and an unallocated space will begenerated assoon as we delete it.

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Windows To Go Creator

Create Windows 7/8/10 To Go bootable USB drive without Windows 7, Windows 8 Enterprise orWindows 10.Build a portable and fully functional Windows 8/10 system on USB flash drive.

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Make Bootable CD Wizard

Make a Windows PE bootable CD/DVD or USB without installing Windows AIK.Troubleshoot computer problems and recover data when the native system fails to boot.

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Integrate to Recovery Environment

Integrate AOMEI Partition Assistant or AOMEI Backupper into Windows built-in recoveryenvironment.Extend system partition or restore system back without bootale media.

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Clone Partition

Clone a single partition to quickly make a duplicate to another partition/disk to backup data.

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Create Partition

Appnee Acronis

Creating partition(s) on a disk to make use of the disk for saving all kinds of data.

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Format Partition

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Formatting partition with Partition Assistant could help you change file system betweenNTFSandFAT 32/FAT easily, even it is larger than 32 GB.

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