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In the realm of photo sharing, Amazon wants to be king.

  • The U.S Prime member can make use of a new service called ‘Family Vault.’ Amazon Family Vault offers unlimited photo storage to five family members at no additional costs. The new Prime Photos service is designed for Prime members and their family. Amazon Prime members can invite five family members or friends to join Family Vault.
  • You can utilize Family Vault. While we don’t use this feature currently, it’s a great way to share & collect photos with up to 5 family members or friends. The coolest part is that the individuals you invite get a free Prime Amazon Photos account – unlimited photo storage and up to 5GB of videos & files. Essentially, you’re extending your Prime benefit to others even if they aren’t a Prime member themselves.

Amazon Prime subscribers already enjoy unlimited photo storage, although if your family members use different Amazon accounts, those pics have been walled off from each other. Not anymore, though: With the launch of Amazon Family Vault, Prime members can invite up to five family members (or friends) to share photos.


If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can upload an unlimited number of pictures to Prime Photos at their full resolution. With the new Family Vault, you can now share that space with up. Amazon has added a new feature to the Prime photo service called the family vault, which lets a Prime account holder invite five other people to share unlimited photo storage.

Amazon Family Vault Can I Share Albums

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To make photo sharing easier, those additional members will be able to upload unlimited photos,too — even if they're not Prime members. Users also get an additional 5GB for videos and other files.


Further, similar to Google Photos and the new Photos app for iOS 10, users of all six accounts can search for photos across content from all of them — consolidating images by 'faces, [and] even objects.'

Family Vault will also give members the option of ordering prints from their expansive collection of photos, with free delivery. This service has already been available via Amazon Prints, but now Family Vault will let Prime members share the benefit with family members.

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It's one small step for photo sharing, and one giant step for Amazon's attempt at online service domination.